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have lost about 10% of my weight since starting the diet, I am now around 95lbs and seemingly always hungry. I don't think that I am looking well, I am about 5'3". There never seems to be enough time to prepare the food, or enough variety to eat. It's getting me down. I am craving chicken and cannot understand why it's forbidden but the sugar/ maple syrup laden cookies are allowed. Isn't sugar supposed to be inflammatory? I need some ideas on quick, easy filling snacks. Seem to spend my life eating almond butter and banana sandwiches or brown rice and veg and fish. I work full time and in my spare time try to spend as much time as possible with my 3 year old. This is getting very hard. My husband tries to help very hard but he's not a natural cook. Our 'treat' is sushi but I have never been a fan of japanese food and it's getting me down. sorry to be negative but this is where I am right now. any suggestions would be great. thank you
Here are lots of posts of what we are eating in a day, hope you find some inspiration in these little food diaries.
Hi there,

I eat quite a lot of dried fruit - sultanas, goji berries, apricots. Also seeds - sunflower, pepitas (pumpkin). I am naturally very thin, and often hungry. I eat a lot!!

I often save pasta meals and risottos and then eat them cold. Or have dry roasted sweet potato cold the next day or two. I find I need all those extra things. And a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. Some people say that if we stop eating bread we get less hungry - but I definitely still eat bread.

Talking about food has made me hungry again - better go and grab an apple!

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I keep rice cakes and almonds with me for when I get too hungry. Add flaxseed oil or olive oil to your meals. Make a large pot of soup with lentils chick peas and potatoes etc so there's always something in the fridge when you get home. The most filling thing I make is a burger made with kidney beans. Or even quicker a large slice of eggplant on a burger. Saute it for a monute and then put a lid over it so it cooks quicker. Serve it with sweet potato chips. Cut a sweet potato into chips and put it into the oven with a tiny bit of oil. Make some vegan mayonnaise with raw cashews.I'll try to find the recipe and put it on this site. The cook book ' Veganomicon' is the best one I've found so far. You can get it in the library system. I know you probably know all this. Don't give up! Good luck.
Eat some chicken breast ! ! !

OMS was inspired by the Swank diet which calls to limit saturated fat to less than 15 grams per day, no red meat for one year, here is a link to Swank's diet. http://www.swankmsdiet.org/About%20The%20Diet

Try this for a little while, eat some chicken breast, or check out http://www.drmcdougall.com/ Another Swank disciple who claims his diet is as effective. Come back to OMS slowly when you feel better.

Try new foods, there are a ton of options out there, eat some chicken, have some fun but don't kill yourself trying to be well.

Bobby V
I highly recommend this cookbook - "Quick Fix Vegan" - http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Fix-Vegan-H ... 1449407854. All meals are vegan and ready in 30 minutes or less. Almost everything we have had from this cookbook is fantastic! My favorite is the sweet potato and spinach soup, but the quick quinoa and veggie soup is a close second! You can cook healthy and get plenty to eat, but you have to be open to trying new recipes. I know this to be true, because I have not lost any weight. :?

Shawn Caroline
Hi Amandar!
You are correct. That is way too thin for 5'3".
I agree with al of the above posts. Including the skinless chickenthat Swank recemmonded if yiu are getting too thin.
As a working mother, I am ofteen the last one that I think of cooking for. On those nights when i am too tired,, i keep a stack of some Amy's brand food that fits in wih thr diet. Not all Amy's brand food is OMS and Swank good.
I eat th
I should never type with my thumbs on my nook. Well anyway continuing.

Amy's Tofu Vegetable Lasagna, Amy's Brown Rice and Vegetables, and Amys Enchilada with Spanish Ice and Beans.

All the best!

Janet (NJ)
I also found it difficult at first because of working full time. (still do in some ways, hubbie doesn't eat OMS-friendly food, so double amount of washing up etc). You need to experiment with new foods and try to get a set of recipes you like for easy midweek meals. I like grilled aubergine slices, stuffed peppers, bean burgers, pasta with tomato and aubergine sauce, baked potato with tuna. I try to keep a few things in the freezer for emergency meals.
Thank you everybody for the replies, really helped. I actually did pretty good today and having packed a big lunch plus snacks for the day arrived home feeling not too hungry! even better a friend brought me 3 different indian vegetarian dishes as a treat! ok, one had coconut milk in the recipe but am not arguing with that right now! thanks again
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