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Amandar, you will gain the weight back a little. I am 5'6" and got to 107 lbs which looked skeletal on me, now I am back to 117 which is great. At 107 I was exhausted and getting depressed, but over the last 18 months, the weight slowly came back.

I do eat organic free-range chicken breast once a week and I eat egg whites frequently, in omelets and cut up on salads. I plan to eliminate the chicken products at some point.

I pretty much eat all day long, with almonds, fruit and different salad greens (spinach, mache, arugula) as my main snack. Everyone at work gives me a hard time for my constant eating.

You can make a batch of homemade granola bars and keep them in the freezer.

I hope you can get a taste for Japanese food because it is so much in line with this diet. We eat Japanese once a week and it is my day off from cooking.

Hang in there, I think most of us have gone through the skinny stage.

best of luck to you
Indian food contains ghee? (ghee is butter)

I make a banana, date and walnut loaf and take chunks of that to work.
Also usually have baked potatoes lurking in the fridge to eat when hungry.

2 ripe bananas (spotting and going mush not green or yellow hard)
4 fresh dates
6 walnut halves or so
egg replacer for 1 egg

Peel bananas and put in bowl and use stick blender to mash.
add 1 teaspoon egg replacer with 2 table spoons of water to bowl and blend some more so all mixed in very well.
Cut each date into 6 peices and add to bowl.
Break nuts into smaller peices and add to bowl.
Mix bowl with a wooden spoon.
I use a gluten free flour self raising, but basically add flour (I do it by hand) until mixture is still quite soft but not as sloppy as for a sponge, it wont pour it is not like a batter, stiff but not hard.
Add mixture to a 1lb loaf tin (I have a fab silicon one from wellbake.co.uk).
Bake at 270 degrees for about 45 minutes.
Here are some tricks that help me maintain healthy blood sugars:

I always eat fruit with 10 almonds or 8 cashews- the healthy fats regulates blood sugars so you don't crash if you eat just the fruit

I always have garbanzo beans in the pantry- I mix them with olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper (i take this on planes too). Its fast and easy (5 minutes) and requires zero thought

On Sundays I make a huge batch of soup (Soup Sundays) and put it in individual containers for lunch- add a salad and you are good to go
(try adding things like flax seeds to your salads as well as beans for extra calories)

While I am making the soup I often make a batch of black beans (dried beans, cumin, veggie stalk, garlic, and onion)- These are great for the entrie week and I make various brown rice or quinoa bowls for dinner. Add some veggies (tonight was zucchini and carrots) with grilled chicken or fish. I also use the black beans with sweet potatoe to make a breakfast sweet potatoe hash. Boil the sweet potatoe add black beans and grill the cake- you could add egg whites for protien.

I also keep brown rice wraps in the fridge and can always make a burrito of some sort with roasted veggies, beans, and rice. Or a mediterranean version with hummus and greek salad. again you could add chicken here too.

Fish tacos are another one of my favorites...

Also an Asian stir fry is a great way to mix in veggies with some soy sauce (no oil required)- add some toasted sesami seeds and a drizzle (tiny amount) of sesame oil after cooking and place over rice. If you decide to eat chicken, add it to the mix.

ok- hope that helps- and none of these require you to be a chef... my recommendation would be to create a routine in the kitchen so its not so stressful. It has helped me a lot!

Keep us posted
Another nice thing to do with cooked brown rice is rice pudding. Simmer with soy milk, cinnamon, maple syrup and raisins/sultanas until thickened. Serve hot, warm or cold.

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