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Hi friends
Having cut all relevant food stuffs out, Im losing weight! Any susggestions to bulk up food with out added fat to get the calories...does this make sense??
Thanks in advance
K :lol:

I think the top 3 ways to boost calories are...
1. Carbohydrates - vary which ones but eat plenty of grains and starchy vegetables
2. Fats - you need to avoid saturated fats but ensure you're eating enough healthy fats - nuts and seeds are great for snacking and use linseed oil in dressings and on toast
3. Proteins - lots of legumes in particular
Plenty of bread will do the trick
Bought bread can be very fatty per slice so I would keep an eye on that if using bread to eat lots of, plus it is processed which you might find slightly imflamatory.
I make a fat free banana bread and fat free drop scones to have as extra nibbles plus fruit and stuff.
Hi Veg if my memory serves me correct, Dr Swank did not include bread consumption in his daily satuarted fat calculation. The professor also mentioned this. You are right in suggesting that a person should read the label, its surprising to learn the variations in saturated content in bread.
The professor I think I read mentioned things like olive breads, Giabattas.
Processed bread the one we have in our freezer (I do not eat it) is over 3 grams of unknown vegetable oil per slice and it is one of the better brown breads.
I've been bulking up recently because I feel hungry. Things to add are

breakfast cereals
baguette - no fat there and huge calories

I think it was mentioned but rice is a very good one for that.

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