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Hi Ilse,

I've recently discovered that my issues aren't all due to gluten but that I also can't eat soy products - it gives me a terrible bloated stomach and horrible gas :oops: - maybe your issue is something similar??

I take probiotic and prebiotic dairy free capsules which I got from amazon - mine are 50billion bacteria per capsule. The higher the bacteria amount the better.

Hope this helps :)
Make sure one of the docs you have consulted is a gyn. You may have some 'girly condition' that is causing that hard, bloated feeling.
Rule that out, definitely.
Good morning,

I 've thought about having a "girl problem" but this I can rule out cause of the visits at the gyn 's office. Everything seems fine but the only problem here is that I need to have a smear test every year cause of some cells they 've discovered that can increase the risk on cervical cancer. :cry: But a doctor or gyn always find something, isn 't it?

Concerning the probiotics, I think I 'm going to order them at Amazon as well. If I go to the normal drug store, the normally don 't have the
vitamins we need, so they have to order them. The look on their faces says it all. :roll:

I really love Soy products, that 's why I think I'm going to keep on using them for a while. I have rice milk instead, but that 's just an other click in the head... Aren 't we used to sacrifices?!?

Thanks for the usefull tips you all!!!
I hope you find something that works for you :)
Hi Chelle,

Yesterday, I swallowed my pride and went to a normal drug store for some probiotics, I couldn't order them from Amazon. :|

I believe they may help me.

Thanks again for the wonderful advice!

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