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Hi all,

I'm new to the OMS diet, but did the Swank diet for about 12 months a few years back before turning back over to the dark side. One goal I have this time around is to avoid losing a ton of weight like I did on the Swank diet. I'm already a skinny guy and am not a big fan of loose clothing and being told I look sickly skinny...Any pointers for keeping the pounds on?

Thanks so much
Nut butters, nut cookies, cakes made with ground nuts, and nuts in general.
I'll post an amazing recipe for "freezer fudge" made with almond butter

I wonder if all dieting advice could just be reversed, so...
big snack before bed
develop a taste for (soy) milk in your coffee/tea, if you don't like it already
don't be afraid of oil (extra virgin olive, of course)

Don't be afraid of being skinny in that just about everyone around us is fat, fatter or obese, so we always look skinny but it does not mean we are not in good health. I have not yet had the balls to return a similar comment with but you look fat and unhealthy, but it always seems OK to tell someone they are skinny but rude to say if someone is fat, strange one but I now ignore any comments like that and when needed I wear clothes that fit and ae not too baggy but my preference is loose clothes anyway.
If you can tolerate some exercise there are plenty on here going to the gym and doing resitance and weights.
There is not a free for all for oils and nuts, nuts are in moderation, have a read of the quick list of foods for moderation as these tend to be the fatty ones.
Generally speaking the food we eat is less calorie dense so you may need to eat more food in gneral.
I have also struggled with excessive weight loss since going OMS - NEVER thought it was a problem I would have.

Right now I do BIG bowl of steel cut oats with a handful of nuts and berries tossed in for breakfast and a large glass of soy milk.

I make sure my lunch - which is normally salad - had lots of beans - red, white and soy...

I do make sure to have my 2-3 servings a week of salmon or tuna.

I have a big bowl of pasta once a week - have actually switched to Gluten Free pasta - not that I am Gluten free - but trying to stay "Gluten low" - often made a vegan pesto sauce with depends on swapping the normal cheese for avacado - which gives it a creaminess and extra "good" fats.

I have managed to stabilze my weight.
Do you all know how much I hate you all? :roll: :lol:

I was like 225 lbs when I was a jr in high school--then lost weight and was like 120 by the end of my sr. year. I have eaten a low fat, high veggie, but not vegan at all diet ever since to try to keep my weight managed. At the age of 39 and after 2 children and now being in an office job, I've gained to a weight of 175 and cannot lose weight at all. I have not had any issues with OMS, as it only meant dropping cheese and the white meat chicken and lean meats (venison etc) that I would eat before. But I've now had to add the oils (olive, sunflower etc) that I've always avoided like plagues and I've added high fat fish (salmon, tuna etc) in moderation. I don't think I've gained weight (too scared to get on scale because my issue now is OMS NOT weight loss...MS is on my hit list at the moment) but I'm totally NOT losing.

Now--exercise--working on it. It's been almost two years of neurological craziness with brand new migraines out of nowhere two years ago that dropped me out of a 40min/day workout regimine that left me a slug. Now I'm starting slow to work back up.

But to hear people from "regular" diets go on OMS and suddenly become skinny minnies---oh I wish....
I have always been very slim but pre MS and early MS exercised lots and generally burnt what I ate.
Not sure if yet suggested but could also add to your reading armoury The China Study.

When I first adopted this OMS approach I calorie counted in with the fats and I hover between 1800-2100 a day, to get to 2100 I have to ensure to eat extra like bits of fruit and stuff otherwise as the food is not hugely calorie dense I for me do not get enough and get even slimmer as in thin. However I am gluten free and do not eat bread and that can be calorie dense for what it is and what we put with it.

Meant to add that sunflower oil is inflamatory as Omega 6 so one to be avoided certainly not one to use.
Ok in say some sunflower seeds but not the oil.
you guys freaking rock! Thanks a bunch
Wear tight clothes. Baggy clothes drape & make you look gaunt. Tight clothes emphasise curves. Your hair length on your face shape can make a difference to how thin you look.

At least men can bulk up muscles at the gym without looking shemale.

I even wear thick cotton undies under jeans! For women it's worth trying on lots of tights til you find a flattering pair, then a shortish skirt or short, fitted dress (not a baggy tshirt dress) over top to cover your privates. :) or not. Depends on the tights. A good pair is worth the search,

I eat at every opportunity, incl late meals. Lately Ive managed to put weight on yay by carb stacking with liberal FSO, cuppas with a variety of milk substitutes, red wine & lotsa small oily fish too.

So eat OMS with gusto and don't hide your body, but be proud of it! If they're going to knock your appearance you should at least get them properly jealous! :D


I'm not slim either. Guess it's all down to individual metabolism. I've never been obese, but I've always been curvy (since I was about 12 - early developer) and immediately pre-OMS I was just into the overweight section of BMI (probably largely due to not getting enough exercise - I exercise way more nowadays). In my first 6 months of OMS, I lost about a stone (14lb) in weight and 2 dress sizes, dropping into the healthy zone of BMI and I've stayed about the same ever since. Differed from other weight loss, though, in that my boobs didn't shrink and I also noticed my skin clear up a bit.

To those struggling to maintain weight, I'd say eat plenty of carbs - potatoes, sweet potatoes, tasty homemade bread. Also make sure you're getting enough protein and healthy fats.
I echo what Catriona says - I eat Ciabata bread ( Home made or bought) - I like the ones with EVOO. Potatoes, Sweet potatoes and brown rice. I run, cycle everyday and do weights. Without my bread I was 9 stone 10!!! I am now 10 stone 7-9.

Take Care

Phil :D
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