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Using all my willpower not to make a joke about Phil being curvy too :lol:
Meant to add that sunflower oil is inflamatory as Omega 6 so one to be avoided certainly not one to use

Veg--thanks for that. I could have SWORN that I read that George had written that he liked to have a dash of this on his green salads--cold not heated. I looked back though...it was another MS book, a guy on the SWANK diet that did this. When I was first diagnosed I read about 7 books about surviving with MS all at one time and each had a version of a diet, mostly SWANK related...some of the tips get muddled in my head.

I'm glad you posted this though--I wasn't super fond of the sunflower oil anyway...pretty much tried it once and was wondering what the heck I was going to put the stuff on--as it was not very yummy to me. Now I will not have any issue with out the window :lol:
Swank was amazing his work but his best dieters still declined we are aiming to improve. George did a really good post on this.
Just posting so I can follow it and get the benefit of any new tips to keep weight on. Dropped from a good weight for me of 12st 3 to a way-too-skinny 11st, and no indication that I've stabilised. My wife's solution is to eat more and more often. Latest weapon in the arsenal is this lovely Deliciously Ella smoothie http://deliciouslyella.com/banana-date-and-almond-shake-dairy-free/.

She has loads of great recipes and I'd a also recommend her raw brownies http://deliciouslyella.com/?s=raw+brownies&submit=Search.

And after all that I didn't click 'notify me when a new reply is posted'.
Ella recipes have to be checked, they are not all OK, check oil use and type.
jersey4ever wrote: I have also struggled with excessive weight loss since going OMS - NEVER thought it was a problem I would have.

Right now I do BIG bowl of steel cut oats with a handful of nuts and berries tossed in for breakfast and a large glass of soy milk.

I make sure my lunch - which is normally salad - had lots of beans - red, white and soy...

I do make sure to have my 2-3 servings a week of salmon or tuna.

I have a big bowl of pasta once a week - have actually switched to Gluten Free pasta - not that I am Gluten free - but trying to stay "Gluten low" - often made a vegan pesto sauce with depends on swapping the normal cheese for avacado - which gives it a creaminess and extra "good" fats.

I have managed to stabilze my weight.

If I will take right diet plan and also do daily exercises then will I be able to lose body weight??

What do you think about this???

Thanks in advance.
ThePast - you'll definitely lose weight as the meat and dairy you'll be giving up have far more calories than the fish, fruit and veg etc you'll be eating
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