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Good morning! Ok here's my problem, I have been on the OMS diet for 4 weeks now. When I started out I was my usual 58kgs but am now down to 56kgs, I don't need to lose weight (I am 170cms tall) and am struggling to think of what foods I can eat that will keep my weight steady. I have certainly increased the quantity of foods being eaten. I am eating fruit (3 per day) nuts (a handful a day) vegetables including avocado, bread (dairy free) raw oats with seeds/nuts homemade soups with legumes added, hummous with crackers and various vegetarian dishes (don't like tofu!) and fish oil daily (if I have sardines I skip the oil) does anyone have any ideas of what else I can do? I have even been making my own sorbet to have for dessert!
Carbohydrates are the easiest source of extra calories - how about adding potato or sweet potato along with vegetables or in soups? Pasta can be added to soups too, as can grains like pearl barley
I've had the same problem! I'm 169cm and 8 stone now. I was 9 st when I started this diet 14 months ago. I had my calorie intake checked by a dietician and it was right for my size and weight, I'm not too concerned as I was this weight at 18 yrs old when I was dancing full time at college and it's nice to be back there after 2 kids. I just think it must be my 'natural' weight. I eat a good breakfast and 2 proper meals a day. I need to eat a lot! I have also been wheat free since January so have to eat plenty of potatoes and rice!
Ditto I weight just about what I did as a late teenager the half stone I am missing is shear muscle mass I can't do what I did then which was a huge amount and I cycled everywhere.
Hi, yes I am in the same boat. I am 47 and seemed to have stabilized around 116-117 LBS, what I weighed in college! I am about 5'5" tall. I do eat a lot of grains, pasta, rice, bread and potatoes. That is where I seem to stay.

You know what? I feel good so I don't think I'm going to worry about it.

your weight will eventually stabilize. I have just gotten used to the fact that I weigh 110 pounds. The lowest I got to was 107, what I weighed when I was 15 years old! I am not loving being so thin, but I feel healthy.
I agree with the comment to add a potato or sweet potato a few times a week. Sometimes it's hard finding the healthy calories, I agree.
Hiya, I went down to 9 stone 10 when I first started. I eat ciabatta bread, brown rice, potatoes, fruit, veg ( loads of fruit and veg!!!!) and fish about 4 times per week. I am now 10 stone 7 ish and I exercise daily. Do not forget it is the saturated fat intake we need to worry about. healthy fat is good.

Take Care

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thanks everyone for your feedback, I think my weight is now stabilising and I probably wasnt eating enough bread (animal product free of course!). I need to add in some more pasta now but have to watch the ingredients with shop bought as they sneak in the eggs! :?
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