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Hi all, I'm trying to keep weight on by packing in the carbs. One thing I eat a lot of, because it's so easy, is bread. I buy whole grain bread that says it has no saturated fat...However, I do see oils other than extra-virgin olive that are included in the ingredients (nothing hydrogenated though). Does anyone have any suggestions on bread in general or the best types of bread to eat as it relates to this diet?

If the bread has added oils but the saturated fat content is still low then the oils will not be bad oils such as palm.

Even better is bread with no oil added.

If you're in the UK then you could find the following website to locate a traditional baker:

Especially useful because you will be able to find out exactly what they put into the bread.

Also for UK folk, Marks and Spencer's best bread has no added oil.
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Sainsburys do some bake at home wholemeal baguettes which are delicious - ten minutes to bake. Also, breadmakers are easy to use and very quick - then you know for sure what's in there. Cxx
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