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What is up with that??? I have been on this diet for 6 months now, haven't lost an ounce. Not ONE OUNCE. Now, mind you, I am not on this diet to lose weight, but sure would be a nice side effect ;) .

I was a 220 lb girl my Sr. year of high school and went low fat, low cal to lose weight and then stayed that way to maintain. Generally, I've been on THIS diet without the dairy subtraction or meatless version since 1992. Since my MS diagnosis and reading this book, I dropped dairy like a hot iron, stopped eating all meat except fish (which I vowed to try really hard to like) and increased my Omega 3 fats--which increased my fat intake significantly by the way--as I didn't touch ANY of the stuff--Omega anything was off the table unless it was in the low fat foods I was eating--no added Olive oils, no high fat fishes, no flax oils, no nuts etc etc etc.

I guess I had such a low cal diet for so long that my body has gotten pretty efficient about using and storing, so the switch didn't do anything, but man, when I read about how some of you switch to this diet and lose 20-30 lbs in the first 3 months I'm like WHAT?!!?!?!?!

Oh well--myelin be healthy--my fat cells elsewise do not seem to want to go anywhere--

AND YES--I'm exercising....

Just consider yourselves LUCKY.....I'm just :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Whilst not advocated I would be curious and do a food diary.
How low is your true daily sat fat in grams?
The fatty foods like nuts are to be in moderation and the way I read it in the book is like not many and not that regularly.
No, you don't understand. I can do a food diary--truly I could--but I've had this chat with even my Doctor etc. It's not me eating hidden fats or whatever, and this isn't uncommon for people who've eaten a low cal/low fat diet over time. It's an efficiency thing. Even those of you on THIS diet will eventually find that your bodies become adjusted to the new diet and will begin to process your intakes differently than they do in the beginning. Many who lose weight very quickly at first will find that they "level off" eventually and may even begin to gain weight again over time.

I rarely eat nuts--I'm not too big of a fan.

My average daily meal plan is a bowl of whole grain cereal or a 3 egg white scramble with a slice of organic bread made with EVOO for breakfast. I use almond milk with my cereal and use no more than 2/3 cup. Agave nectar to sweeten, usually less than a tsp.

Lunch is usually a salad, or a veggie sandwich with mustard and an apple. Today I had a medium potato with steamed veggies--no dressing. 1 or 2x per week I'll have salmon for lunch to ensure proper protein levels.

Dinner is variable--sometimes a serving of fish with veggies, or a hash of a small potato with stir fried veggies (I have ceramic pans and never use anything other than EVOO for stir frying if I use ANY oil) for something fast. About 3x per week I will have a cup of almond milk with a cup of frozen berries blended as a smoothie as a late snack.

That's about it. There are the nights when there's a giant bowl of popcorn for the heck of "pigging out" but they aren't often--and even when going out to eat it's rarely more than a california roll or spicey tuna roll (sushi) or a salad bar with my own dressing brought from home..

I'm not really asking for weight loss advice--LOL--just moaning about the fact that I sort of wish I'd been a "normal American" glutton before starting this program so that once I did I would have enjoyed the benefits of the initial sloughing of poundage.... ;)
You can still enjoy the clear skin, great hair and nails ;)

I levelled off after ~ 6 months on this diet. But (don't hate me!) I did lose about a stone in weight and 2 dress sizes first.

I don't worry too much about nuts - I don't eat loads of them, but I have a few almonds in my bowl of muesli each morning along with seeds and grains.
Perhaps you don't need to loose any anyway :-) or you are exercising more so have more nice muscle mass now
I eat nuts some here and there as tasty and packed with good stuff
It's easy to joke about being jealous of people complaining they can't gain weight but it is SERIOUSLY distressing when u look like a shadow, gaunt so people.think you're ill and constantly tell you how you need to gain weight and want you to eat stuff you shouldn't. That's a daily reminder that you,have a frightening disease and it s a challenge to your resolve to stick to the diet. You look in the mirror or photos and see how suddenly you've aged and your skin hangs and drags even if you haven't actually lost that much weight because you were thinner than average to begin with, and you're still young. You have to buy new clothes as the old ones make you look gaunt even thoigh youve on,y dropped a size, so over time you need to shop again for each drop in weight, and despite the chirpy shop attendant telling you how lovely and slim you are, no it's not retail therapy, it's a sad exercise that costs even more money on top of all the other healthy living outlays and loss of income. And the emotional decision of whether th throw your old clothes or keep them in the hope they'll fit again one day.

Actually Ive been meaning to tell everyone that Ive put weight on. And how I did it. At first I lost too much weight like so many others,and it was very upsetting for me. Ive wondered if the minority who don't lose lots of weight eat more calories. Lthoigh if I ate dolfnrs diet Id look anorexic so it's probably our natural metabolic level. I've always been thin, even before OMS.

So even though the calorie and weight management argument isn't always supported, I have deliberately looked up and ate higher calorie choice foods, eg edamame is high cal. I also ate more protein (more 'OMS safe' fish more often, plus hemp powder now) and lots of carbs too esp as health outcomes science seems to say stop fretting about carbs and grains, theyre not bad for immune systems or ms, so more grains and beans. And I increased my oils a little bit. I ate more meals throughout the day. All of this wold mean Im getting more sugar and more oil in breads (ill do a food diary again some time). I always snacked a lot anyway, but now I snack on higher calories or protein. I often eat too much which is a bad habit.. A lightweight snack before bed.. It has meant Im not loading up on lots of green leafy and colourful veg so much, but I still get more veg than the average person. Im always intending to juice veg so I can get my veg vitamins that way and fill the bulk with higher cal and protein foods. I've put on more than enough weight to now look rounded and healthy rather than stick like. Im delighted to have modest curves again. Lucky I didn't throw all my clothes on the 2nd or 3rd round of weight loss shopping.The challenge will be to keep the fat on, as I need to pick up my exercise too. Stay tuned!
I will take a few of your pounds dolfnlvr!!

Funny how this all works. Everyone's metabolism is different. I eat twice what you have listed and can't get over 110 lbs. Like Sara, I have had to buy all new clothes (- not fun,.. and expensive) just so I didn't look like I was overtaken by fabric!

When I see photos of my arms and legs, I cringe. But if this is what it takes to be healthier, I will keep it up.

I worry that people think i am anorexic or something, because no one EVER sees me eat donuts, cookies, cake, etc. Sometimes at work I take a plate of this junk and just hang on to it not to draw attention to myself. Then I conveniently dump it.

Since I added running to my exercise, I am burning an extra 2000 calories per week and I have to find a way to get those calories back in!!!
Hey dolfnlvr,
I am with you, very funny how people's metabolism works so differently. I have only lost 5kg ( and could stand to lose a lot more ;) ).

But OMS absolutely works for me in terms of overcoming MS! I am mostly well, with very few symptoms, only some occasional sensory symptoms.

So why doesn't it work for all of us in terms of weight loss, can't explain it. But even for the people who don't lose weight, it definitely is worth sticking to to reduce your ms symptoms!

Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
I posted a while ago about losing too much weight, and all of your comments are so true; gaunt, clothes, do I throw or keep etc etc. Im glad to say it seems to have stabilised at 140lbs ( I'm 5'8). The worst for me is gaunt ness in the face because it so looks horrid and ageing. But right now regardless of weight I'm just thinking about getting better, that's the aim for all of us. And when I go to my local MS centre fr my oxygen therapy I see those who aren't walking, talking etc and it keeps me going.

Yesterday spoke to a lady who was just diagnosed and told her she'd be mad not to do the OMS programme! Wil she won't she? The neuros around here won't tell her about it they don't even have a vit D protocol !!!

The orginal post: maybe wheat/ gluten popped into my head?

I'm not in the very thin group, but still had to buy new clothes! Nobody looks their best in clothes that are 2 sizes too big. Kept some of the old ones, though, which came in handy for pregnancy (although now I'm at the stage where I mostly have to wear proper maternity trousers)
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