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we could also compare digestion. First on the diet I also experienced tummy probs which took some sorting out, So I was put on a diet more restrictive than OMS. I lost more weight on that and like Talltree K felt aged in my face. I was eating lots of veg (Wahls influence) which are filling and take time to,prepare and chew in salads.

Catriona (congratulAtions lovely!) and Janice what sort of foods do you typically eat? Calories, carbs & proteins? Or vegetable intensive? my recent change in eating habits has made a difference but I hope it's not insulin-pattern fat storage (if that makes sense) from cramming in carbs. Ive plumped up a lot (back into old clothes) by eating extra protein, calorie dense foods, more carbs and more calorie dense snacks rather. My fat intake would have gone up too with the extra eating of course.

Eg for breaky will have 3/4 cup porridge (oats, spelt & quinoa) cooked in water, then almond milk added, frozen blueberries & blackberries stirred in, psyllium, chia, hemp protein, FSO on top.
Or OMS safe baked beans or sardines on toast.

Ill sneak extra toast or a smoothie with protein in for morning or arvo snacks,
and things like bread and/or leftover grilled tempeh at lunch so veggies are now playing a supporting role rather than the Å‚eading role

If I cook rice at dinner, towards the end of cooking time Ill add Natto, or pre-baked fatty fish like sardine or mackeral which I filleted and froze ready to add to dishes with lemon too.
Or legume based dishes.

Edamame are high calorie too. I reckon we've got to pack as much calorie and protein in for the quantity of food you can manage. It's worked for me so far. I've got curves back and hope I can keep them. Try it with me? ;)
That's exactly what I saw at the Mana retreat last year in New Zealand - five days of nutrient dense and plentiful OMS friendly food for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. All delicious with plenty of flaxseed oil for drizzling.

I also noticed that George eats very well!

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
I don't count calories. I eat plenty of proteins, carbs and veg. Breakfast for me is usually muesli with fresh berries, nuts, seeds, linseed oil and soy yoghurt. Lunch is often a sandwich (e.g. hummus with salad on a wholemeal roll) or microwaved leftovers (e.g. sweetcorn and jalapeno chowder with a wholemeal roll, e.g. pasta with a sauce of tomato, pepper, chilli and prawns). Evening meal is often fish with carbs and veg (e.g. steamed salmon fillet with a baked potato or quinoa and steamed broccoli and cauliflower) or a bean-based vegan dish with carbs and veg (e.g. spicy beanburgers with bread rolls and salad). Snacks are usually 1 or 2 pieces of raw veg (e.g. a carrot and a stick of celery), 2 or 3 pieces of fruit (e.g. a banana, an apple and a satsuma) and if I'm hungry maybe a few almonds, a soy yoghurt or a piece of toast with linseed oil and marmite.
Catriona thanks for sharing. You have a good balance (no surprise!) where you're getting plenty of calories via carbs, proteins and veg in your meals.

I never before considered calories hence I was slow to realise that the nutrient dense, restricted version of OMS that a holistic GP had me on was also a low calorie diet.

I hope that sharing my calorie experience (carbs, starches, proteins) might help others find their way out of the scrawny trap because it erodes your self esteem, reminds you constantly of your illness and invites "too skinny" remarks and temptations to stray from our diet. Hopefully people can share this with other OMSarians who lament their excesssive weight loss.
Your posts of great help. Maybe we should start a 'Well Fed OMSarian' section in recipes to add daily menus. I know for sure i am not eating enough. I need to go on a retreat for sure. At the mo, ( which is not me usually) I'm feeling c##p.
Big hug tall tree! (0) hang in there. I've been dragging the ball lately too but I figure my energy (ie hormone & adrenalin) just needs to settle at a steadier pace, finally. Take care and be kind with yourself..
I got it wrong in the early stages and had a couple of near-fainting experiences :oops: as I wasn't eating enough healthy fats and sometimes not enough protein - so after that I learned about cooking with beans and pulses and I got much more careful about eating enough healthy fats
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