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I've been living the OMS lifestyle for almost 3 years and lost about 12 kg in the first few months. Then my weight plateaued but I'm still 14kg above the healthy weight range.
I'm pretty happy with my current weight, dropping 5 kg would be good even if not the whole 12kg.
My concern is because I just did a online breast cancer risk questionnaire and it showed my weight being a risk factor ( my mother has just been diagnosed).
Even though I consider myself healthy because of the food I eat, I'm still overweight.
I probably don't do 5x30min exercise a week and could improve on that. I have a bad back so often the pain only allows for a slow walk for 30min.
Any ideas on how to lose more weight?
Has anyone been in a similar position?
well the way I look at it, my recovery comes first. I too lost quite a bit of weight in the beginning and then plateaud. i know I can up the exercise and will. But I don;t want to focus on losing weight because it will take away from what I have created. If I lose weight, great, but if I don't - well that is okay too.

I kinda trust the more strict I am with the food program as required, the more the weight will shift when ready. I know what you are talking about = the breast cancer and fat thing. Are you strict with following OMS or have you allowed stuff to creep in.

This is not to tell you NOT to work at losing weight, but I think you know what you have to do. Shift the exercise up a bit, maybe swimming, considering your back, but don't focus on it. Just my opinion.
I would do a food diary for 1 or 2 weeks to get a true picture of what you are eating it may reveal indicators of where less suitable foods have crept in or other foods in moderation are not moderated enough.
Even though you can't exercise fast or say hard I would ensure that you were doing 30 minute walk at your steady pace at least 5 times a week.
Hi Ms F

I completely sympathise with you. Prior to finding/starting OMS I had managed to lose three stone. Last year I had a couple of relapses that affected my mobility, plus I have digestion issues so don't 'go' as often as I used to. So, despite following OMS, I managed to gain two stone! Thank goodness I'd lost three to begin with!

I have realised I have to watch my portion sizes. Although I am eating the right things, I think I am probably eating more carbs than I need to in my current state of immobility. Whereas I used to walk everywhere and burn this off, I now struggle to walk very far at all. So keep an eye on how much you are eating, and if like me you can't mobilise as well as you used to, cut portion sizes appropriately.

I also need to up my exercise regime. I am currently doing Pilates for about 20mins a day (as prescribed by my Physio). I find I can't walk for long (30mins, however slow, wouldn't be possible at present!), but I try and do a short walk each day - to the post box usually!

People are right when they say that recovery is more important than weight loss, but you are right to try and lose weight if this could potentially cause other problems in the future. (And I know how disheartening and frustrating it can be when people post on here that they are struggling to keep weight on!).

I hope you manage to find a way around this soon. You're not on your own!

Regular consumption of green tea several times a day, plus some regular aerobic exercise (swimming?) might kickstart your metabolism, Ms F.

Perhaps also eat more vegetables and less starchy foods? Do you eat sugar?

Perhaps a food diary might be useful, as Veg suggests.


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You could consider trying a 5:2 style diet - 5 days normal OMS diet, 2 days low carb OMS diet. I used to work at a breast cancer centre and 2 colleagues there (a dietician and an oncologist) found that a 5:2 style diet helped many patients lose weight in a healthy way and maintain their new weight (although this wasn't OMS as the patients didn't have MS, it was a more mainstream meditterranean diet for 5 days, low carb for 2 days)
Thanks everyone, there are really practical tips like the tea, sugar and carbs ideas.
I have started the food diary as suggested - that will no doubt guide me with answers.
I feel well and my MS under control so this is more about avoiding other illness' like breast cancer.
I'm suprised to still be overweight when I eat such healthy foods. But it may be too many carbs, large servings and sugar.
I've lost around 2.5 stone since starting this diet 10 months ago, it came off slowly. 1-2lbs a week, some weeks nothing. I too have hit a Plato now..

For me I know I don't lose weight if I consume white potatoes, bread, sugar, anything with flour, pasta...

Watch your portion sizes, your stomach is around the size of your fist so try to remember to not eat a portion in one go that is much bigger than that.

Drink lots of water, about 2-3 cups of green tea a day at least and cut out the above for a while. The should get the ball rolling again.

If you are mobile try walking, start small and gradually build bigger.
But I agree too not to focus too much on your weight to the point of it stressing you out. Even losing 1lb a week is great progress and that all adds up. I can't believe how far I have come! No "diet" ever worked for me before OMS - we'll get there :)
As a side thought bread, sugar, pasta and flours can be made good if they are whole grain unrefined which is where we should be at anyway.
Refined flours, bread, pasta and sugar are bad for anyone.
Good point about portion sizing :)
Of course veg that is correct :)
But even when unrefined and whole grain, I won't lose weight, for me personally it just doesn't work. But everyone is different, it's worth a try!
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