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An old discussion on here however relevant for me.
I was on the Wahls (until Oct 2015) and lost lots of weight. The main difference for me is that I'm enjoying the OMS diet far more and have added to my weight and body fat. I'm guessing that this weight gain is due to grains, as I still avoid sugar. I'm early forties.
Grains must be important to vegan (plus seafood) diet...surely?
I want to get a healthy balance so although I have just started to do 2 days grain free, 1 day minimal grain cycle...I am now thinking for a sensible balance of the 5:2. Perhaps weekends being low carb and weekdays being semi-low carb minus wheat.
Has anyone any thoughts on this...whilst maintaining nutrients needed on our OMS diet and myelin needs?
I am at my perfect weight (I had this in the high school last time :D). Weight loss os not my main focus but it is such a great feeling! :)

I eat an OMS friendly diet and I have 5 meals a day:

In the morning I have a nice big breakfast with wholegrain bread or oats. As a morning snack, I have a big bowl of green smoothie (fruits + spinach or kale leaves) with oats. In my country, lunch is the main meal so I have a nice, rich soup; and some grains (like borwn rice or quinoa) with a lot of steamed / grilled etc. vegetables. In the afternoon, I have some fruit (only berries or green apples -> less sugar content). My dinner is usually a huge bowl of salad with legumes or fish (once a week). This way, the carbs yoo consume are less and less from the morning till the evening and you can keep your optimal weight, too.

I hope I could help! I wish you all the best!!! :) <3
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