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Subject: I need to lose weight

1975F wrote: Hi,

I've been living the OMS lifestyle for almost 3 years and lost about 12 kg in the first few months. Then my weight plateaued but I'm still 14kg above the healthy weight range.
I'm pretty happy with my current weight, dropping 5 kg would be good even if not the whole 12kg.
My concern is because I just did a online breast cancer risk questionnaire and it showed my weight being a risk factor ( my mother has just been diagnosed).
Even though I consider myself healthy because of the food I eat, I'm still overweight.
I probably don't do 5x30min exercise a week and could improve on that. I have a bad back so often the pain only allows for a slow walk for 30min.
Any ideas on how to lose more weight?
Has anyone been in a similar position?

Hi 1975F

I just read this post after i searched weight plateau on our OMS site.

I have been on OMS for 3 years (strictly) I think. I am also gluten free so no breads, only home made quinoa flat bread and pasta occasionally. I don't use any oil in cooking and only flaxseed as salad dressing or additive it quinoa porridge etc. I only drink water, herb and green teas and minimal almond or rice milk. The processed foods I have are the organic rice cakes and smoked salmon, or tinned sardines anchovies and tuna on occasion. Most foods are fresh fruit veggies and fish so I don't need fish oil unless I feel like a boost as my flax oil is usually enough.

I lost 32 kg slowly over the first 2 years and I have plateaued for the last 12 months. Obviously I am happy with the loss but I am still in the over weight range at 73 to 75 kg. I was 70kg this time last year and have gone up a little. I tend to go up and down a bit between the 2. 15 years ago I was 60 kgs then slowly while studying for 2 degrees over 8 years and working mostly full time the weight increases to a very unhealthy level.

I have joined a local exercise club a few months ago attending 3 times a week for an hour session. Boxing and indoor circuits.

The weight is still the same. I am trying to add more natural foods that assist weight loss which are all good for us anyway. I add garlic, turmeric and ginger to meals and I eat lots of greens but not sure why I am stuck here. I try to eat smaller helpings but also don't want to be hungry in case I turn to something I shouldn't. This hasn't happened in 3 years at all except when I found organic dates that were a treat until I searched on mr google to discover my yummy organic dates were dried in Palm oil. This was not on the packaging and I was devastated that I wasn't more vigilant as I am a stickler for what I won't eat! I ate these, 2 to 4 a day for about 3 months last year!

I don't eat grain or cane sugar at all but I will mix a little org map syrup with flaxseed oil to pour over if I make buckwheat pancakes every now and then.
I don't bake so no gluten free cakes. No nightshade foods apart from very occasional tomato. When I get a craving for sweets I eat natural dried sultanas and I make my own fruit only ice cream maybe once a month or so. I have read the what to do if you plateau guides, and I am trying to cut portion sizes, eat bigger meal at lunch which is hard in my job. 20 minutes for lunch usually on a good day. Teachers and nurses dip out on the hour for lunch, what can I say! I have less sultanas too.

My weight goal is to be in a healthy range for me and as I am 5ft 3 it is in the mid to high 50kg range. or something like that. I would be happy with early 60 s as the BMI range seems a bit extreme to me!

My dilemma is that in wanting to optimise healing I want to be in or around my personal ideal weight.

Sorry for the long post, I did send a shorter version of this to you as a private message but it is still in my outbox and I thought maybe like me you don't log on and check that too often.

I would love to know if you have broken the plateau and how?

Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
Hi there,
age is a big factor too.
You don't say how old you are, but if you are in your mid 40's then hormones are going to play a big role in weight gain for a women.
Exercise is key. Hopefully swimming or water aerobics as suggested already, would be a great help for you to help shift those kilos.
Love and light.
Rose x
Hi Rose,

Thank you for your response!

Yes hormones can be an issue especially as I am 53, 54 in October. I was 50 when I had my first and only MS attack or episode so I lost a lot of my excess weight in my 50s. Mind you I put it all on in my 40s while studying. I concentrated on my diet extensively the first 2 years after my unexpected hospital stay and diagnosis with the weight decrease a welcome side effect of trying to start the healing process with diet and lifestyle changes.

It has been a journey as prior to my MS I went to doctors, a dietician and acupuncturist to find out what I was doing wrong with my diet to gain weight. I had a good diet but there was a thought that carbs were an issue and toxin build up. The diet has certainly assisted in these areas to now.

I am trying to up the exercise but I am finding i am so tired after work that mornings are the only time I have the energy at the moment.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and I found this post. I wondered what other ideas people have to kick start the metabolism or to deal with this. Speaking of hormones, sage tea is good for pre menopausal hot flushes. I tried this and had very good results.

Most posts about weight are for those who have trouble keeping weight on so thanks for your idea Rose, I recently joined an exercise club to do just that! :D

Jen xxxx
Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
....all the very best Doris, and thank you for the tip re:Sage tea:-)
once the added increase of endorphins and dopamine enter your blood stream from exercising regularly again, this will raise you up and help you to feel much better about yourself:-)
Love and light sister!:-)
Rose x
Don't measure your weight by your weight.
I would measure it by how your clothes fit.
Muscle weighs more than fat so as you eat better but exercise the weight might stay the same but your body slims and tones up.

I haven't taken any notice of portion sizes or my weight for that matter.

Do I need to think about it as part of the lifestyle change? I'm not overweight at all, but I suppose I could comfortably lose a few pounds and be ok..

Does everyone else look at this? I eat loads but it's all oms friendly so I def haven't worried about my weight

Lynne x
Hi Lynne

I wouldn't worry about your weight and I haven't until now as I am strict OMS.

I am putting on a little after loosing a lot and I am still overweight by about 15kg according to BMI.

I don't expect to get to what they suggest is normal but with what I eat I thought I would steadily loose weight until I was in a healthy weight range, which I thought would be optimal for healing.

But that's just me! I think my hormones are playing havoc!!


Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
My weight loss reached a plateau after about 6 or 7 months on the OMS plan. I found I started losing weight again when I discovered juicing. I juice to get a high number of raw vegetables into my diet, the extra weight loss is a pleasant side effect. Have a look at the Jason Vale website.
Kellie xx
OMS July 2013
RRMS diagnosis Sept 2013
UK retreat July 2014
Hi Welshgirl,
what food did your "juicing" replace? I juice too, and I am careful with making sure I keep up a lot of exercise as I do not want to loose muscle mass. I am curious with what your age is? are you in "hormone heaven" or hell?
Rose x
Hi Rose,
I'm 38. I've lost about 20lbs since last summer and could probably do with losing another 7 to 10.
I've been replacing breakfast and lunch with juices (very little fruit, almost all vegetables) from the Jason Vale recipes. I snack on nuts and seeds. I then have an evening meal of something like salmon and vegetables or salad, keeping any pasta/rice/potatoes/bread to a minimum if at all.
I find I have more energy by cutting the carbs plus the weight keeps dropping slowly but steadily. I also like the idea of consuming raw vegetables rather than losing nutrients by steaming.
I too try to exercise vigorously regularly, cycling being my favourite.
Hope this helps,
Kellie xx
OMS July 2013
RRMS diagnosis Sept 2013
UK retreat July 2014
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