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I've been on the diet since the start of the New Year (diagnosed on 18th December) and almost 2 months in I'm starting to get friends/family phone me up tell me they are worried about my weight since I've been on the OMS diet.

I'm quite tall 5ft 7 and only a size 8-10 with very little body fat. I just have to worry for a day and I lose weight, I'm that lucky/unlucky type! (o:

I started on Copaxone 3 weeks ago but was taken off it on Tuesday following a bad skin reaction and feeling really quite unwell from it (not able to function at all unwell) as it started to kick into my system - really disappointed about me not taking to the drug but I was also told I was classic case of someone who would likely get the skin dents, something I'd prefer not to have as vain as that sounds in the whole scheme of things. (I'm now considering Avonex)

Not being well this last week did nothing for my appetite but I still think if I don't seek advice from your guys soon I'm going to end up making myself poorly from the diet as I will lose too much weight and that's no good for my start of this journey with MS and the OMS Recovery Program.

I'm eating a lot of veg and sticking to 3 portions of fruit a day, having soya yogs and milk, lots of fish, rice, potatoes a couple of days per week, I'm eating 2 slices of either sourdough bread or wholemeal brown bread with jam/marmalade on for breakfast, dates, nuts, beans on toast, naked bars (lovely Rachel77 advised me on those).

How can I keep my calorie intake high without seeking foods that are high in sugar or saturated fat? I need to be eating 2000 calories a day, easy when I was eating a big bar of chocolate on an evening before my diagnosis but it's really difficult now.

How much bread are we allowed to have? I could eat more of that.

Sorry if this has been talked about a lot on here already - please signpost me to where that is and I will have a look.

Best wishes everyone and thanks

Michelle x
Just wanted to say that I know how you feel. I am nearly 5' 9" and have gone from a 10/12 to a small 8. I do look too thin and everyone is commenting. It does concern me. I probably eat more saturated fat than I should too - peanut butter, avacado, nuts.... I also eat quite a lot of carbs but always whole meal. I would also appreciate some advice. I am not exercising much at the moment though and was hoping to build some muscle to compensate. Although, I do feel I have lost muscle, which is a worry. I will be looking out for some useful responses.
Eat plenty more including more whole grain carbohydrates. Oats as porridge or bircher muesli is great and delicious for breakfast. Porridge with stewed apple, cinnamon and honey is one of my favourite breakfasts. No need to limit bread as long as it is fat free or made with olive oil (maybe have 2 thicker pieces, or toast and poached egg white with spinach). I think we stand out as being skinny among an increasingly overweight population who are in denial that there is a problem - the norm is now at least two sizes bigger than it was 20-30 years ago. It does make shopping for clothes challenging at times - I am the same size I was when I was in my early 20's and there was always plenty of choice in my size. That's not the case now.

Here are some of the recent discussions:

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Reads like you are not eating enough.
Common to remove the foods not to eat but actually not eat enough in replacement.
Ditto above.
Eats a good bowl of oats with chopped fruit for breakfast.
Sweet potato are good, quinoa great to add in soups and brown rice.
And every one around us is fat so plenty pressure from there about looking thin but I ignore it :-)
Hi Michelle,

I am the same, so reading this with interest. I am down to 7 1/2 stone at 5'3", having started the plan in November... I have to admit that I find it tricky as I find that carbs fill me up so much that I don't feel the need to eat a couple hours later!

I try and have things like avocado and nut butter (eg add a heaped teaspoon of almond butter to my porridge) but I am also conscious we shouldn't eat those every day. I think the best thing to to follow what everyone here is saying and 'bulk up' meals with beans/lentils/ potatoes etc, that is what I am really going to concentrate on.
Jen x

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I'm in the same position having lost over 30lbs since starting OMS. I agree with previous posters that the only solution is to eat more. This smoothie is good to have half with breakfast, half with lunch http://deliciouslyella.com/banana-date-and-almond-shake-dairy-free/.

Thanks for the replies on this and thanks to Korimako for sending on the previous posts as its all been very helpful.

It's also good to know there are other people in a similar situation as me and trying to hold onto any weight they have.

Interestingly it has been my 'chunkier' friends who have commented on my getting thinner, I've weighed myself and have only lost a couple of pounds and like the comments say within the posts I've read, my weight it is likely to plateau out - like anyone on a new diet, people trying to lose weight plateau too.

I'm going to bulk up on porridge, more bread (off to buy a bread maker from John Lewis today) and ensure I have more potatoes even in lunch time salads with salad beans. I'm only 8 weeks into being diagnosed and changed so much in my life since reading the OMS book that I think I'm a little hard on myself, we probably all are/were when first new to this. You want to get this right and stay well and worry about doing/eating the wrong thing.

As I said I've felt so unwell this last week from the Copaxone reaction (I know most people don't have this reaction so don't anyone read this and be put off it in any way) and I think feeling unwell makes you feel more feeble and thin anyway so perhaps the comments were about me not just looking thin but also not looking as good as I usually do. My skin has been glowing and lovely since starting the OMS diet and I think I've just had a blip due to not taking to the Copaxone. So disappointed about that too which also has an impact on how you feel I guess, but I will find another DMD that it right for me I"m sure.

I'm going to spend most of the day eating today and pretty soon I will be back on here saying "help I need to lose weight!" (o:

It's good to have this community to check in with and boost positivity levels on days we are feeling a bit unsure/low. x
Re DMDs, pay attention to researching their rebound profiles so you understand any risks when stopping as well as some are not pretty. Just something to also consider when choosing what you want to do and how aggressive your ms might be.
Hi There,
I'm not an expert but hope my experience/thoughts help.

I didn't think I needed to lose much weight but when the kilos kept falling I got pretty concerned and don't much care for ribs showing! My mind was put at ease when I checked my BMI and realised I was still within healthy range, you can easily do this online. After a year I plateaued and have stayed the same weight…. While I would like to be more curvaceous than a small size 8, I know I am a healthy weight. I also invested in a bra that accentuates curves!! I haven't had any comments from anybody (at least not bad or worried comments) perhaps because I would be more than willing to fully discuss weight! Or perhaps because everyone knows I eat this way to stop ending up in a wheelchair and they don't want that for me either!

Onto what to eat;
For muscle gain eat more protein and maybe try doing weights. Once muscle is lost to MS progression it is incredibly difficult to get it back, so work on building what muscle you can and staying at peak. I marinate and roast tofu and have this on hand as a snack. Fish and lentils are also high in protein. Also nuts and seeds are good. Initially I was concerned about not eating too many because of their saturated fat content, now I eat as many as I want. They go in the bircher muesli, on the salads and get consumed by them selves. Dense and complex carbs are a good way to feel full for longer and give your body a sustained source of energy. I find I still want to eat every few hours and so plan around that and always have filling snacks to hand, add in smoothies make sure salads have fish and chickpeas in them not just lettuce! I often eat 5-6 times a day. The other thing I have done which hasn't been mentioned is increase oil intake. While this is a diet that omits saturated fat we still need 70 odd grams of fat a day to function. Try doubling your flax oil intake, that would be the single easiest way to increase calories if like me you eat till you're full but was still losing weight. I'm also more liberal with putting EVOO on top of food. I still take flax oil even if I have oily fish (of which I eat a lot of salmon) just because I don't want to drop my overall calorie intake.

Hope this helps and good luck. Remember the most important thing is being healthy.

I have lost about 10 Kg since I started OMS more than two years ago. It worried me as well as I didn't want to become too skinny but my weight now finally stabilised. I do tend to lose a little more weight when not feeling well, but in general it stays the same. My theory is that not only you lose weight because of a lower calorie and fat intake, but also because you are losing fat that is in the cells of your body.

I do have to keep eating, even if I am not hungry. To me it seems the trick is to eat several times a day, instead of only 3 times. So 'snacks' in between. Raisins do not contain saturated fat, but a lot of calories (I am not sure about sugar though)!
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