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I am aware that I am constantly eating (all oms friendly food) and wondered if this is normal or if it calms down.

I'm v active (2 small children) and still breastfeeding twice a day, but I sometimes feel that I eat and then am hungry again really quickly.

I assume it is because fat fills you up for longer, but just wanted to see how everyone else feels about it? I'm obviously not eating too much as I have lost a good few pounds since starting the diet.

Does anyone have any thoughts/tips on how to fill up for longer or is it just the way it is on this diet?

Appreciate your feedback

Lynne x
Starches, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oats etc. filling and sustaining.
Hi Lynne, I think the reverse is actually true in regards to feeling satisfied from fat. When your stomach is stretched by food, it sends a signal to the brain to say that we are full, and hunger is satisfied. Processed foods, and fatty foods don't stretch the stomach the way that whole, plant based foods do. As Terry Wahls has got quite prescriptive about how much fruit and vegetables to eat for an MS diet, she recommends three cups of leafy greens, three cups of sulphur rich vegetables, and three cups of coloured vegetables and fruit. As she says, three cups is a dinner plate heaped high, and she recommends this for all of us, every day! I don't know how much you are eating, but if you compare it to three dinner plates heaped high with vegetables and fruits every day, that may give you a yardstick.

Roger MacDougall recommended that we eat our fruits and vegetables raw where possible too. That way you get your live enzymes which are destroyed by cooking, and your bulky fibre which helps you feel fuller faster.

I know where veg is going with carbs, but refined carbs like bread need watching I think. When I went gluten free, I noticed that eating bread made me hungry all the time. When I stopped reaching for a sandwich which is pretty much empty calories, and started eating more fruits and vegetables, I found myself more satisfied for longer by a main meal.

The other thing you can try (which is hard if you are on the go all the time) is to look at portion control but eat more slowly, so that your stomach has time to let your brain know that you are full. As a stomach shrinks from going off a standard western diet to an OMS diet, it may feel more satisfied sooner too, or maybe you just need more right now to feed your busy lifestyle and motherly demands?


Thanks veg and Loz. Good advice.

I think your point about eating slowly is a good one LoZ. During the day I do tend to throw my food down Inbetween feeding/caring for the little ones.

I doubt that will change for a while as it's always a bit of a rush, but I can certainly eat now slowly once they are in bed.

I eat lots of fruit and veg but not as much as a heaped plate, so I will increase that certainly.

Veg I have already increased my starches such as potatoes and have them easy cooked as snacks in the fridge.

I think it must be a lot to do with being on the go constantly - and maybe a bit of greed!! I've always been a big eater and never overweight, but I would like to feel a bit less like I am constantly eating!!!

Breastfeeding makes me feel hungry a lot. After all, you use a load of calories to produce breastmilk. Not that you should stop - far from it! But maybe worry less about how much you're eating - could just be your body telling you it needs fuel. I'd go for plenty of starchy veg and beans or pulses for satisfying meals.
Thanks Catriona. Yes breastfeeding makes me really hungry. And tiredness from running around after little people. But not much I can ((or want to) do about it at the moment!!

I think I need to make sure I eat more proper meals In the day as I think as my daytime eating is very much grab what I can....

All comes back to organisation I suppose x
Also, insufficent sleep can effect the hormone trigger that tells you when you're full. And try sneaking a bit of protein into each meal even if its just a tablespoon of legumes
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