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Hello dear OMSers

I weighed in at 51 kg this morning, down from the way-too-low 53kg I thought I was. After a winter eating curries and casseroles! Scared myself. I have already last week phoned to request an appointment with a dietician and am waiting for a call back with an appointment.

I have had trouble keeping up with eating enough – problems with severely antisocial flatulence have me lately trying to cut out soy milk and tofu, and I’ve been cutting down on legumes the past few weeks. I was eating more toast and jam, but stopped that because of too much sugar. Bowel continence has been difficult to maintain, but has improved in the past month.

I’m on medications for Atrial Fibrillation and for reflux. I make hommous, but now am wary of legumes, so don’t eat so much of them lately either. Everything lately seems to be too much trouble, too much effort, and I do spend a surprising amount of time wanting to just lie down with my eyes shut during the afternoon and evenings and am usually quite tired in the mornings, too. I’m fairly sure it’s from the heart pills. GPs say ‘that will ease when your body gets used to the medication.’ That could take another 3 months, if not more. I had been keeping a supply of cooked spuds on hand ready to grab, but that’s fallen off the ‘to do’ list in favour of meal preparations. I didn’t grab a potato more than once or twice a day, anyway.

I was eating a small dish of almonds each evening as I watched TV, but stopped that because I thought it might be adding too much sat fat. I am now keeping a food diary again.

When I was 53 kg, I did seek advice here at OMS, and read the posts about putting on weight. I thought I had done as much of that as I could, and obviously what I have done is nowhere near enough, although it helped me maintain my weight. I just feel as if I have lost heart. After an otherwise successful 2.5 years, I don’t want to go off OMS and continue on the MS slippery slope to disability.

I do meditate daily, and also take a daily 25 minute walk.

Have you any words of wisdom for me? I’d love to hear them.

Sorry to read of your update.
Why cutting down on legumes?
My first thought was the ease of baking potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Have you reduced the exercise level you are doing in general, might it be a little muscle you might have lost through lack of stimulating exercise?
Have your new pills killed your appetite your desire to eat or is it that you desire eating but you are not feeling energetic enough to make it?

Do you eat fruit like bananas or dried fruit as frequent snacks?
I had trouble controlling my weight a couple of years ago as well but now I keep it under control with eating porridge every morning with seasonal fruit on top. I cook a heaped half-cup of porridge to half cup soy and half cup water. Also I drink banana smoothies as well, eat rice, pasta and bread. If you spread avocado on toast that is a good alternative to a sugary spread.
Oats are great as ssolo says - this is a nice recipe too with no pan to wash up, and easy to improvise with other ingredients.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... er+Muesli/

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Hi folks, I eat ( in the mornings) lots of porridge with fruit and honey - made with water and then lunch is either baked beans and a jacket potato or loads of brown rice with lentils and olives or fish and tea is normal heaps of veggies with balsamic vinegar and sometimes a nice big peice of french stick or wholemeal pittas. This seems to keep my weight pretty much alright although I still need to keep an eye on dropping below 10 stone. I exercise pretty much everyday, run or cycle or weights. Don't knock the jam on the head or perhaps replace with honey. I also eat plenty of fruit. I have tried cutting down on fruit because I too was worried about the fructose level. However my weight dropped pretty quickly so I eat about 5 - 6 pieces of fruit a day. As long as you stick pretty much to the whole food diet you will be ok. I don't think you will develop any nasty disease through eating too much fruit! Eat bread - as our good prof says " as and when desired" - just make sure it's oil free. French stick is good as is whole meal pittas and ciabatta. I sometimes fall into the trap of " can't eat too much fruit or can't eat too much bread" if the weight is falling off eat loads of bread, potatoes and rice!

You'll be ok

Take care

Phil xxxxx
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How about becoming a greedy consumer of flax oil? How much do you take now? Is there room to take more, or even perhaps take more than more?


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Thanks everyone for the wise words … I now feel a bit more confident about helping myself.

Veg, I cut down on legumes to see if it would reduce reflux pains and flatulence. My muscle began to disappear early in my OMS career (even while I was working out with weights), and for this past year, I have not managed to resume my very modest weight-lifting routine (just couldn't get around to it), so that might be a big factor.
I usually do want to eat, but don’t feel energetic enough to make the food, or often, even to come up with ideas (would be great if I remembered the apples available!), I do snack on dried fruit almonds and bananas, but had cut down the amounts recently, so will up them again.

ssolo, like you, I have oats every morning, mine cooked with water, or soaked overnight in rice milk. I have never done smoothies, only aspired to do them, so will now re-double my efforts in that direction. I could fit one in for morning or afternoon snack, I reckon. And thanks for the avocado reminder … I used to do that on toast, you’e prompted me to start again …. with black pepper and lemon juice – yum!

Wendy, I do make a similar muesli … and I’ll up my serving of oats to ½ cup. I like the idea of almond meal, but already have a few almonds and sunflower seeds in mine, occasionally walnut, too. I guess I’m worried about eating too many almonds in a day. I’m more inclined to this cold muesli in the warmer weather – have been having cooked oats all winter (both are done in my bowl, so no pans from brekky).

Phil, thanks for the permission to have my jam/honey, and lots of fruit. I usually have heaps of fruit, but it did die down a bit over winter. I didn’t know about French sticks being possibly oil free, so will check out the locals. Yes, more ciabatta would be nice. I’ve been toasting wholemeal pitta to make ‘crisps’ – not tasting too great, but anyway, they’re loud and crunchy!

Susan, I take about 20ml daily of flax oil, and sometimes 5 – 10 ml more if I want more on vegs or toast. The one I get (Melrose Organic)is fractionally cheaper than Stoney Creek brand, and not so nice (it used to taste nicer, and I don’t know if the flavour change is them or me. Seems not to be not a retailer problem), so I’m not sure where to put in more … maybe in smoothies when I begin making them, or work out a simple salad dressing that I actually like!

Thanks again, to all of you … I feel much more hopeful than I did when I first posted!

Latest OMS blog by Miranda Olding who facilitates the regular workshops in the UK - 'Losing "too much" weight on the OMS diet'.
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yes you have to watch the old french stick! Over here in England I use the Co-op and their french stick is oil free and free of other nasties. Of course it is not wholemeal but it is nasty free. I am told though that in France some of their French stick contains Milk! Ouch!! Wholemeal pittas are good - love those!! I have brown rice once or twice a day - loads of it!!! stick to the fruit, As I said before i did cut down on the fruit but my weight started to drop. this Summer I dropped to below 10 stone!! porridge is fab, how much fish do you eat a week? there is also vegan protein shakes ( which is 100% brown rice - I guess you could make your own!)

Take Care

Phil XX
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Thanks to your good advice, my weight is slowly increasing ... about half a kilo at last weight-in. Onward, and upwards, I say!

Thanks, Wendy ... that was comforting advice, easy to follow, good reinforcement and I’ve upped my intake of nuts and seeds. It also highlighted to me where I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit in relation to eating legumes ... I was previously enjoying a few more legume dishes (curries, chillis) that I’ve simply not made lately.

Phil, thanks for your wise words again. Here in Aussie, I check the bread ingredients, so fear not that I will fall victim to milky or oily breads! I’d like to up my intake of brown rice, and am looking for ways to add more of it in ... not fond of eating it as is, but might add salad dressing and have some for a snack, or put it in muffins. There was also that creamy dessert Wendy posted here ages ago.
I have fish 3 – 5 times a week, and did look at protein shakes some time back but thought they were a bit too unnatural ... I wanted to not use them, but I may have to re-think that. I am looking to buy a Ninja blender to make smoothies, and thought I could put cooked rice into them, too.
And I want to learn to like almond milk ... I'd like to not be using soy, and rice milk is so watery when I want something a bit more creamy.

If I can get my digestive system sorted and healthy, that would help, I'm sure. Always good to have a hobby ...

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