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Hi Ruth

I'm facing the same problem. I was losing weight gradually for a while and then a couple of weeks ago the family was struck by a viral gastro bug. While I didn't suffer too badly it did severely affect my appetite. I am now half a kilo from underweight (BMI category). I know from past experience that this is an unhealthy weight for me. I have no idea how to increase my weight considering that I usually eat a massive amount just to maintain weight. Too much flaxseed oil negatively affects my digestive tract and would actually exacerbate my weight loss (if you know what I mean!).

Can I safely introduce more nuts? With the hot weather it's hard to make myself eat too much stodge right now too.

Do people have more ideas? I've tried most of the things listed.

Thanks so much,
Valid, did you read the latest OMS blog by Miranda Olding who facilitates the regular workshops in the UK - 'Losing "too much" weight on the OMS diet'?
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... al/?p=1283

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Hi Wendy,

I sure did - I remember thinking that it came at just the right time. In some ways that's why I was wanting to verify the comments in the blog post about nuts. Unlike many, I can eat vast quantities of food like nuts, avocado, etc without feeling full. I just feel nervous about "breaking" the diet and I get the impression that George wasn't saying that we should eat as much of those foods as we choose (although I have no doubt it would be healthier than obtaining kilojoules from, for example, red meat).

I suspect part of my problem is that I have had to cut down my alcohol intake to not much more than zero (compared to 1-3 drinks 4-5 days per week). It seems my body needed those empty kjs! But now I don't have that luxury...

Cheers (ironically!)
Hi Valada

Why not post that question on the blog - Miranda Olding will answer your questions directly.

Not sure whether this is helpful in your situation, but the HOLISM study shows that moderate alcohol consumption is fine.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... in+excess/

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I would take a ton of pro-biotics with every meal and cut out gluten for a couple of months. Just make sure your pro-biotics are VEGAN. Maybe you have already tried this?


Was just talking to a friend who had hyper-thyroid after going vegan and she lost a ton of weight. Have you had your thyroid tested?

Hi Shawncaroline,
Yep, thyroid's been tested and is OK.
I thought I was on the up and up weightwise, but see I'm back down again ... about 52kg now. Because I'm not eating so many legumes, I guess. Everything else apart from diet checks out OK.

Glad to hear your thyroid is good. I am not that strict about my diet, I must say. I do not eat dairy or meat, but I do eat avocados, raw almonds, organic and unsweetened peanut butter, and beans. Also EVOO is used in my homemade salad dressings. I also eat a lot of rice and gluten-free granola. I do not keep track of how much saturated fat I eat, because I do not believe that it is that important. Seems like the research I have done, really points to dairy and meat as the main issue. The only time I have lost any weight at all, was after I had my last baby about 10 months ago and while I was breastfeeding, I weighed less than I have for a long time. Seems like no matter what I take out of my diet, I still weigh the same. I clearly just naturally find other things to make up those calories. Maybe eat macadamia nuts and granola. Plus an avocado in your smoothies?

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