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I gained weight, perhaps 8-10kg, and thought I'd share:

Like many other OMSarians, I lost too much weight at first, so that people kept remarking on it. I kept buying new smaller, tight fitting jeans (and wearing thicker cotton undies to pad out my jeans LOL) - but feeling too thin is very distressing and a daily reminder of MS which leaves you feeling ill when you actually got that way eating to be healthy! Even worse when people feel entitled to tell you grrrr

This was despite OMS not being too far from how I used to eat before. I got too skinny eating salads at lunch, even with sardines on top, I wasn't getting enough fuel.

I put on weight eating like this:

- eat daily carbs, try to eat some daily legumes eg tempeh or tofu or spaghetti made from beans (from healthy food shop) or keep some cooked beans in fridge and add (sneak) at least a tablespoon per day per person into meals (even yr smoothies) as that's been shown to be enough to give health benefits (if I recall correctly - see Dr Greger) and it's giving you more fuel

- trying to eat as much as I could - I would sneak in 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners whenever I could - or - a pre- breaky (insomnia snack) and a breaky, or breakfast then brunch, and a dinner than a big supper, or an afternoon snack that's more like a meal
- cooking lots so you always have leftovers on hand for lunches and extra meals

- it takes time to,adjust to eating more ... I reckon if eating more is difficult for you, one strategy could be to juice your vegetables (try to use a slow juicer so you still have some fibre as that's where most of the health benefit is) then drink the juice or cook with it so you're still getting lots of veggie nutrition alongside your bulkier whole grains and legumes (which also have health benefits, despite all the paleo pseudo science manufactured anthropology nonsense)

- fruit for dessert and snacks, with attention to fruit (& veg) higher in antioxidants
http://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-muc ... -too-much/
(Awesome source for OMS friendly nutritional science - based on human studies which excludes industry biased findings - see also his videos on antioxidants and which whole foods are highest in antioxidants )

- 1/2 cup (126ml measure) of rolled oats for breaky: with a cup of blueberries on top (or mixed berries - from a chemical free local source) and raisins and seeds esp sesame seeds and nuts on top too
- in summer soak rolled oats overnight in fridge in water or non dairy milk instead of cooking or for reduced cooking depending on which oats you get
- I add "spice tonic" on top... From Herbies (or add their spice mix for baking wpsweets which has rose prat so in it too). antioxidant rich blends. I think there's a connection between whole food antioxidants and MS health, (see Dr Greger) but it can only do you well anyway ;) for protection against cancers, heart attacks and strokes

- I stopped gluten free despite several holistic GPs telling me to do it, despite genetic and blood tests showing it's not a problem and dismissing my distress that it's socially makes it distressing as it's almost impossible to eat out as a fat free gluten free vegan
I feel fine on gluten and take Dr Gregers advise that you're better to spend money on berries

- I eat DF veg pizza approx 1x weekly

- ample FSO oil on everything

- raw nuts snacks, mostly almonds, also some hazelnuts, raw pistachios, (rare party treats of raw peanuts, and Brazil nuts; macadamias if Im feeling naughty, rebellious and want a guilty pig out). Never eat cashews because (unless they're from the US??) in Aust they all come from Vietnam where agent orange circulates in the water supply, hence they have lower sat fat %

- always carry 1-2 snack bars and apple/s in my bag ... kuranda brand Almond cherry bars (from health food store) or those dried banana or date & goji bars you get at woolies, health and even convenience shops
- lots of semi-dried dates, they're shown to be very healthy and don't cause blood sugar spikes
Re sugars and carbs, note that it's the bacteria from fatty meats (incl fish) which is shown to cause diabetic type reactions, so if you're vegan, feel more comfort eating rice, fruit and other carbs
- other dry and fresh fruit snacks too

- I eat lots of orange sweet potatoes (purple if I can find it) - which is healthy - in a hurry I'll just boil some (sweet potato is one food which offers slightly more nutrient availability boiled not steamed - zealot :) ) FSO on top

- for dinner my staples are
steamed veg (incl some starchy / insoluble fibre) with tofu/tempeh
Tomato + veggies sauce on spaghetti made from beans, nutritional yeast & FSO on top
Ratatouille -"baked not stirred" - whole tomatoes, eggplant chunks etc and cover with foil then bake while you swan around the house sipping wine
Curries (freezes well, make giant batches) + whole grain rice
Stir fries - water fry method

I regularly eat late at night before bed, even if just a snack. I've accosted that Im ignoring the don't eat close to bedtime rule, but if it's a problem for you, eat something easy to digest eg fruit

It's not just an eatathon, but making sure you get eough concentrated fuel sources that suit your body. It took some time before the weight gain started to show up, so do persist. I'm more relaxed about it now and Ive managed to keep the weight on. I go to the gym too.

Hope that helps some people
Thanks for this! I have been OMS for almost a year and a half and I have lost a lot of weight off of a frame that was already small to begin with! Definitely going to try some of your ideas.
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
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