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Hi All,

I have been OMSing for over a year and have lost a LOT of weight from my frame that was already small (8 stone/112 lbs). I am now almost 7 stone and can really see the difference - prominent bones, people making comments etc.

I feel like I am not depriving myself in any way, but I wondered whether you could have a look at an example of my daily diet and say how you would add to it so that I can get some meat back on my bones? I know that often other people have a skewed view of 'normal weight due to the obesity epideminc but I would love to put some weight back on, I feel like I have lost all my curves and feel like I look sickly now :(

B: Porridge with almond milk. I add one whole banana, blueberries, raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon.
S: Nakd bar or fruit
L: salad made with lettuce/spinach/tomato/cucumber/spring onion, served with dry roasted sweet potato wedges (or wholemeal pitta), a tin of mackerel in spicy tomato sauce. Or pitta with homemade hummus (made with both flaxseed oil/olive oil) and salad. Soya yoghurt.
S: Fruit
Dinner: Bean and veg chilli/curry with brown rice, Mediterranean pizza without cheese (whole pizza), bean and veg wraps with potato wedges and salad - olive oil/flaxseed dressing/white fish with salad as before/rice or potatoes.

Sometimes I am too full for pudding but I will also have things like a banana with soy custard/meringue with berries and soy yoghurt.

Any thoughts/advice welcome. I think sometimes I am too scared to eat loads of nuts/olive oil etc as I am conscious about the amount of sat fat. I do have my flaxseed oil on the days I don't have oily fish (I HATE the taste but will have a smoothie with it added).

Thank you :)
Jen x

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You might like to read this on the Blog
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... al/?p=1283

Is it muscle bulk lost through not exercising, or are you also doing good exercise sessions within your means?
Thanks for your reply Veg. I am still exercising, but my mobility is worsening so it is nowhere near to where it used to be. Having said that, I do modified yoga about 4 times a week and try to go to the gym for weights/elliptical at least once a week. I do feel 'weaker' in terms of muscle strength. but I look defined - in fact sinewy, which makes me feel even more self conscious/feel less feminine.

I have left leg weakness/tremor and i can feel my left arm getting weaker too. I am adhering to the programme in all ways, but have had MS for years, so I suppose I have left it a bit late. Only a year and a bit in, so staying hopeful and motivated though!
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
Vietminh d?
You are so much a better place for being on OMS.
I was sinewy as a youth so for me not phased to be back there again.
The blog I hope will be helpful to you.
The other thing I find is being lighter the muscles I have are coping better. In the past I noticed I was more clumsy the heavier I was not that I was ever fat.
Yep, vit D fine - almost at 200 :)

Thank you for your thoughts. I think the fact that I am still progressing plus look really, really thin is making people (parents, colleagues) doubt me, which doesn't help. I am going to try and bulk out with extra smoothies and, having read the blog, it says don't worry about having a few extra nuts and seeds etc if it is felt they are needed, so I will give that a go.
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
I had the same problem when I started OMS diet 4 years ago. Indeed, I lost a lot of weight however after a couple of years on the diet I started seeing some change. I think now in retrospect that it is down to the body getting used to the big diet change. As we know from Swank and Jelinek explanations, it takes up to 5 years for our body to adapt to the diet.

Wishing you all the best.

Looking at your diet, I would suggest more salmon. Gives you more protein and god fat.
Wish you all well
I find I maintain a good weight with plenty of bread (homemade), pasta and rice - all wholemeal.
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I should add having selected the links on that blog I personally don't touch extra protein powders or supplement stuff in tubs or bottles.
I am in this for my health not someone to make a buck from missplaced paranoia on lack of protein consumed.

Cold baked potatoes and also sweet potatoes make quite nice snacks.
Seeds sprinkled on salads are rather nice and adds an oomph of nutrition.

I like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, add a pinch of sea salt and sprinkle over your salad. Particular nice with rocket and avocado (another oomph of nutrition).

I sometimes toss a larger amount in a dry pan for a couple of minutes, season and store in a jar for quick tasty salads. Cumin seeds are a nice addition.

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