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Thanks everyone - great ideas! Our bread machine broke, I need to get a replacement as I have been sticking to pitta as it is nasty oil free. But I do miss my hot, fresh bread (and dipping it into olive oil/balsamic....yummmm).
Jen x

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Mmmmm, definitely going to give your seeds a go Wendy, I have some in the house already and the added spices with a bit of salt sound lovely!
Jen x

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Fennel seeds are nice too, and crushed coriander seeds especially if tossed into the dry frying pan - releases the flavours. Chilli flakes?

If you have a jar of these on hand, it's a really quick way to jazz up a salad, and also makes a nice crust for baked fish, sprinkled on soup. Very useful stuff.

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Lots of good comments already! You may be going a bit light on the carbs with pita ( often small)
I love quinoa salads with cooked quinoa ( easy as rice), add evoo , sprinkle of cumin, lemon juice/vinegar & mix thru. Add chopped parsley/ tomato /spinach/ cuc/ onion or shallot, grated carrot, corn kernels, capsicum ..... Whatever u like. Adding diced roast sweet potato is delish too.
Add a side of salmon / protein & good to go. Good sprinkle of seeds on top is nice too.
I do a big batch and keeps well for a couple of days.
I second the Quinoa! I enjoy it cooked in stock with roasted veg added (peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes etc). Delicious and very good for you! :)
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I agree about the carbs ,bread, bread and more bread! and add almond milk where you can eg, with porridge, make a hot drink with it adding a tsp of cocoa for a treat.
As soon as I increase these food groups I gain weight.
Rose x
I have the same problem and am super skinny. I took a look at the blog. I was surprised that we can eat as much avocado, nuts etc as we like. I keep it really low now but I could easily eat a whole avocado in one go. Isn't that too much fat, especially with flax, nuts etc as well ?
No you can't eat as much of them as you like. They are good foods bur as you say sat. fat is still a concern so be sensible with quantities.
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I don't have a problem with weight loss tend to put weight on very easy but I am a big eater. I was very very stricked with the amount of oils I was consuming maybe have been a little too low as ive upped that a bit with things like a little EVOO for dipping bread I seem to have a little more energy. maybe if your still busy working and have an active life style you need to up your calories by addind small amounts of good fats ie avocado, nuts and EVOO.
Thank you! I will try all your ideas and tell you how I get on :)
Jen x

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