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Hi all, I have been on the OMS diet now for 5 months and am becoming underweight. I am 5 foot 3 and only weigh 7 stone 4 pounds so have lost nearly a stone. I know this is too thin for me because my periods have stopped. Does anyone have any tips on how I can keep the weight on without going over 15g saturated fat. I try to have large portions of carbohydrates but do not know what else to do. Any tips out there?
Hi Leonore

I remember a good blog post by MS Nurse Miranda Olding on this topic:
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... al/?p=1283[/url]

Please read through there is some good advice there.

I wonder what does your diet look like? Are you eating fish? Grains? Good fats such as avocados, flaxseed oil, nuts etc?
I personally add either potatoes, rice, pasta or quinoa to my salads to bulk them up.

I know people on the forum have been discussing same problem in many threads and you could possibly find some good advice in them as well.

Take care,
Thanks Martina- great link! The problem is that all the good fats have saturated fat in them and I find it soon adds up to 15g. Even 50g porridge has 4 :o maybe I could up it though I think I probably often average less than 15g of saturated fat a day. I also think I am not taking enough fish oil - how much should I have? I only take 3g at the moment but should I take more? Thanks again - Emma
Are you sure about the calculation for porridge? 1 cup is only .5g.
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Not sure where the 15g is from? I think it originated from the swank data, which to my knowledge, counted saturated fats as all fat from animals, palm & coconut (as in total fat of the product), which we exclude anyways), and before we had nutrition panels on the food product. I believe you dont count fat from grains, like small amounts naturally in oats/ corn/ rice/ grains. Plain uncooked rolled oats have 8.5g fat in 100 grams ( abigserve), of which only 1.4g saturated fatty acids. A 30g serve has only 0.4g sat fat ( less than half of one gram).
I only count up total fat from oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, oilyfish in my daily fat calculation, and aim for less than 50 g oils/ fats per day (as too much will eventually have too much sat fat) but MINIMUM of 20 g fat per day (unsaturated plant sources) . if you avoid milk fat, cocoa butter, palm oil, coconut oil and meat fats (ie. OMS style) there is no need to count saturated fats, just be mindful of total fat per day.
Other than that look for protein ( beans, lentils, tuna, sardines, salmon, egg white, seeds) and carbs (wheat, rice, corn, quinoa, potato, fruit) each meal. Lots of coloured veg for their nutrients too ( but they won't make you gain weight in a hurry) Flax oil: you could just take 20ml flax oil (think in salad dressing, on toast/ pasta) in place of fish oil supplement (3g is not enough).
Thanks for your advice- I got the fat content completely wrong on porridge! I will try to eat more good fats and grains. Emma
Please let us know how you go. I often get a lot of great info from threads I haven't posted on ... And always nice to read progress in a few months time!
I also make a point of eating every 2 hours. Plant- based, whole food eating digests fast, so you need to eat often.
And there is many threads on this topic, so search away!
Rose x
Hi Emma,

Flax oil can affect your hormones & period, it did mine so I now only take fish oil. It is high in phytoestrogen.

http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/200 ... risks.html

There are other discussions on here about this that I have read, just thought it may be helpful but I hope its not the flax cauising you trouble as its nicer than fish oil.

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That is a convincing article on flax seed! Thanks for posting Karen.
Lil bit worried, as I have 30ml of flax seed oil a day.
I think I might take some fish oil occasionally instead now.
I knew soy milk was not great either so sometimes I buy oat or rice milk instead of soy for a change.
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