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Was hospitalised with flare-up in late May and I've been on George's diet for about three weeks now - in that time I've lost 13kgs. People are beginning to comment on how good I look!

I wasn't really overweight to begin with, but now I am looking healthily lean. I haven't been 69kgs since my mid-teens :o

Though I do put some of the weight loss down to loss of muscle mass - have been doing very minimal exercise for last 8 weeks. Once I am better on my feet I hope to regain some of this strength.

Despite my ongoing MS symptoms, I feel the diet has made a tremendous difference to my mental alertness, memory and general well-being. If I didn't have MS, I'm not sure I would give up the diet.

Have also had my Vitamin D superdose and commenced Copaxone treatment over the last week - despite ups and downs, I'm beginning to feel I've turned the corner.....

Well done !! I think the weight loss really helps. I started at just on 100 Kg when my diet changed, and over the course of 3 months I lost around 21 Kg !! I feel better for it and can move more easily. I have found that no matter how much I eat now (plant-based foods, some fish and no dairy or meat) my weight always comes in at 78.8 Kg. Interesting that it has found its own level and stays there. Over the weekend I was doing some lifting (moving furniture) with a 16 year old helping. I was finding it easy to lift heavy things, whereas the 16 yo was struggling, puffing and panting (he is overweight too. I think the diet really makes our bodies function more normally generally, and gives the strength we need without effort.
Well done! I also wonder if it has made me more mentally alert.

I lost 7kgs over 4 months (on the Jelinek) dropped a dress size and I've been at 58kgs for the last six months with the occasional dip downwards. I generally don't feel hungry or deprived. Healthy eating makes such a difference my skin looks good and I think the diet is helping to hold back the aging process (ok maybe that might be going too far!)
Well done Pipo too !! 7 Kg is not a big number, but it's highly significant for someone only half my original weight, so would have been a big difference for you. You know I don't think it is going too far to say that the diet slows the ageing process ... many people have said to me how well i look since starting, once they get over my much thinner face and realise I'm not sick and dying ... ha ha ha. I feel alert now, lost the 'fog' and fatigue after 4 months on the diet ... that was a major breakthrough. Time will tell, but overall I am feeling better the longer I am on the diet. Interesting few 'cleaning' hiccoughs along the way, but I am recognising them as just that, and usually come out of them feeling better than before. I used to be very prone top colds ... several over each winter. Now I had a sore throat a few weeks ago that lasted 2 days, and didn't progress further ... fantastic !! Everyone else at work was sniffling and snuffling around, perhaps I'd better touch wood or something now ???
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