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Hello group,

I have been struggling with maintaining my physique since being diagnosed with MS two years ago. I find myself being very conscious of what I'm eating and consider myself very healthy but I look far too thin. I used to weigh 11.5 stone I'm now 9.5 stone.

I'm a 5ft 8 male.

How can I put on healthy weight? I'm assuming eating much more undefined carbohydrates.

Look forward to your responses.
5' 8" standard height / weight charts have a weight range between 7.75 stone, (108.5 lbs), and 11.75 stone, (163.5 lbs), at 9.5 stone, you are right in the middle of the healthy height / weight curve, maybe a 1/4 stone under the halfway mark to be truly accurate, but sat in the middle you are about the perfect weight, (IMO).

Of course if you want to add more weight you have room in the 30 + lbs of healthy weight curve, eat more calories than you burn, and exercise to build more muscle mass!
Be well, live long and prosper!
More carbs? no, that wont help you put on weight. you need high density to calorie foods. luckily, both are OMS compliant

Dried fruit, oil and nuts, are prime examples of calorie dense foods (which is why people who want to lose weight should limit them).
Diagnosed June 2004
I've been OMS for about 20 months and had trouble keeping weight on in the beginning. I'm a cross country coach and was running 45 to 60 minutes a day with our team weather permitting. I was concerned because I felt like I was just running off everything I ate and continuing to lose weight. I then got in the habit of eating more. I ate breakfast, then had another small meal mid-morning, then lunch, then another meal in the afternoon, then dinner. And I was snacking whenever I wanted.
I eat nuts and dried fruit for snacks. Now the weather is not nice outside so I'm running only a couple times a week. I am doing other exercise such as yoga and weight training but the calorie burn is not the same. No surprise, I'm putting the weight back on. Maybe more than I like! I try to eat a variety of everything (all OMS) because I think that is healthy. I just upped my volume. I also make smoothies because it is an easy way to get more nutrients and calories.
You are in a much better weight range now.
Exercise to put weight on but remember to eat more too, I snack on fruit, oatcakes, bananas, baked potatoes, dried fruit, some nuts, left overs etc.
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