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Hy guys,

Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions on How to loose weight,without following diet plans?

Because,I tried to follow some tips blindly,but didn't work. I faced so many problems on my health. So, please share some tips and help me out to lose my weight.

Hi Aaron19

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is a website/charity designed to help people who have multiple sclerosis. Do you have MS? If so, then by following the diet and lifestyle recommendations on this site, you have a really good chance of staying well whilst living with MS.

OMS is NOT a weight loss programme, although weight loss can be one of the results of following the plant-based, whole food diet. If you are simply looking to lose weight, then I'm afraid following a healthy diet is the only way you're going to do it!

eat healthy clean food, Same old same old eat less move more. HAHA easier said than done sometimes, coming from a classic over eater especially when the insomnia and fatigue kicks in fill up on all those healthy vegies and fruits and good carbs and proteins to your meals.
I have been on oms diet 2 months and have lost 15lbs. I started because my ms is getting worse, nit even thinking about weight loss. This has been a nice perk of eating right :) :)
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