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Hi all,

Looking for advice...reassurance.

I have been on the OMS diet for approx 2 months and all going well with regards to cutting out those suspect things.

However, I have been steadily losing weight from the beggining. I would expect it as removing all fat from the diet is obviously going to have quite drastic effects. Initially, seeing bits slim down that I have rather not been there for years was quite good, but I would now like it to stop as there isn't a great deal left. I'm not tired from perhaps not having enough fuel and not hungry, as I eat reasonable size portions. Is this the same for everyone?

Perhaps I simply need to eat more.

Has anyone got a few examples of their typical daily intake / meals etc.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Weight loss can be a 'side effect' of the programme. I think the important thing is to make sure you are eating enough. Bulk up meals with plenty of potatoes, brown rice, cous cous etc.

I am sure others will be able to give better advice and more examples. Sadly, excessive weight loss is not a problem I have! ;)

14 pages of daily member menus
Real food is less calorie dense so you will need to eat more of it.
remember the diet is NOT fat free, as we eat "good" fat, found in avocado, nuts etc , but minimize saturated fat as much as we can.
Your weight loss will stabilise. It does with everyone. Give your body time to adjust.
Usually the fist 6 months is the biggest drop, and then you stabilise.
Veg posted a great link to check out.
Rose x
Thanks for relplies.
Checking out people's typical daily intake as above, my daily menus are fine.... I eat plenty. I think my body is adjusting....ill start to worry when I can count my ribs...lol
I wouldn't worry. I make sure I eat plenty and now have practically no body fat, but my weight has stabilised. The diet is great for physical appearance - lots of comments about being slim and looking young and healthy.
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Hi Kemofin
I had the same issue with the weight loss. I pretty much started the oms plan overnight however in hindsight I should have done it a little more gradually as the body needs time to adapt. It took 12 months of being quite underweight before I was able to put weight back on (I was also eating heaps - all healthy whole foods). 2 years on and have way more energy so hang in there.
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