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My hubby is a super fit cyclist, has zero body fat and since diagnosis been following a low sat fat diet and is following all the right foods to eat, but he has lost weight and that's not good when he has hardly any fat on him already due to his level of fitness!

So what 'good fats' calorific punching superfood and general foody advice can anyone give us?!

Apart from eating more of everything he eats already, it would be helpful for guidance. Otherwise I just might bake him a big fat cake and start spiking his food ! (Kidding!)


I am fairly new to all of this but wonder if perhaps you could try adding in more snacks during the day - dried fruit and nuts (not roasted)/toast and humous would boost the calorie intake. In the recipe section of the Recovery Program there are recipes for energy bars and cakes that are fine on the OMS diet. I have found that section of the website really helpful. I am also really looking forward to the OMS cookery book - which might be useful for you too.

Hope you can find some extra calories.

Try eating more starchy vegetables, legumes, nuts and dried fruit, which are all higher calorie.
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Thanks everyone for the tips - Eating all these which is reassuring ! Just need to devour more :)
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