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In an effort to stave off any confusion, I usually tell people I'm vegan and occasionally eat fish...but I'm increasingly curious of just simplifying things not just for myself, but for the planet. I'm doing extremely well on the protocol, with most -- maybe all -- of my symptoms gone, and that was after adopting OMS 3 years ago...So there is some fear that I will be messing up a perfectly good thing, but, then again, my fish intake is low..I have a piece of Salmon occasionally, maybe some trout (either once/week). My main thing is some canned tuna or sardines now and then. I already get the mega Omega 3 dosage from daily flax -- I saw someone mention using algae oil as a substitute. Anyway....just thinking :)
I've thought about it every now and then, but being a piscatarian rather than a vegan still has so many other dishes that I love, shrimp, crab, lobster, shellfish, fresh water fish, salt water fish, boiled, baked, steamed and even ceviche, there are too many ways, too many fish, and too many recipes I haven't tried yet.

That said, if I had to drop the fish I could...but I'd rather not, and given any choice in the matter I wont go that far. My S/O does not want to join me eating fish, and doesn't eat half as much veg as I do, and probably less than a third of the fruit, even shopping can prove contentious sometimes, when confronted with the plethora of vegetable choices.

There are many I know who are pretty much vegan, but reading cookbook lead to so many substitutions of ingredients, it always looks like more mental work than I want to throw at it..
Be well, live long and prosper!
I would be careful of vegan substitutes as they are often highly processed and not OMS compliant.

Well done for feeling great, that's brilliant., keep it up you are doing so well.
I was diagnosed 16 months ago and discovered OMS within 3 months of diagnosis - being Pescaterian makes sticking to OMS very easy for me; I do not struggle with making good food choices, eating out is easier and I have not had any cravings which surprised me given how much of a meat, chocolate, butter and cheese girl I used to be.
How do you guys deal with meat cravings when you go vegan?
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