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Hi everyone,
I have been following the diet for 6 months now . Very compliant with meditation and excercise.
My question is how long does i it take to work ? My symptoms are becoming very active with new ones and worsening ones every day. I have had no reduction in symptoms just a constant worsening. I am not on a dmd and have had symptoms for over 20 years. What are others experiences in a similar position to myself please ? I also am menopausal. Need some hope here if there is any. Thanks in advance
Hi there,
I believe the time it takes to recover is anything between 3-5 years.
It is still early days for you, be patient.
Search and read about the amazing recovery stories for inspiration in this website, there are loads!!
One day you will be one of them!
Stick to the diet. No treats! You're only punishing yourself! Be vigilant. I have been in remission for 10 years and symptom free thanks to George's program.
Hang in there, you will see improvements but give it time. And George's mantra is "whatever it takes". He is not against DMD's so consider them if you feel so inclined.
All the best.
Rose xx
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