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Slowing the aging process - you may enjoy this

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:09 pm
by Alex
I was sent this. Apparently, marinating meat with lemon juice or vinegar reduces chemicals responsible for aging and disease. ... eat-slowly

A link inside the article advises on why this "frankenprotiens" are so dangerous and how they're also high in fried foods. they never actually say to stop eating meat or cheese.

The trouble with that charbroiled burger and biggie fries isn't just the damage they do to your waistline and the smell they leave in your car and on your clothes. Both, along with plenty of other foods, are packed with appropriately named components called AGEs. That's short for "advanced glycation end products," tongue twisters that can age your arteries and cause big health trouble faster than the kid at the counter can ask if you want fries with that. These foods have more to hate than just AGEs, but let's just go there for today (rather than the morgue, where AGEs and other parts try to take you).

What, exactly, are AGEs? In short, they're destructive "Frankenproteins" created by high-temperature cooking and by the interaction of proteins and sugars in your bloodstream. They're not scarce: Most of us eat three times more AGEs every day than our bodies can handle. That's because AGEs give fried, grilled, roasted, and crispy-baked foods like meat, french fries, and snack foods their delicious caramelized flavor and satisfying crunch.