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We are heading to Bali for 10 days and I'm trying to book some accommodation and am asking about catering whilst I'm there.

The place I was interested in, a low key, whole food communal eating meal place - do use oils and coconut in their cooking. Since they cook one meal for all guests, it would be hard to change the meal. They can leave any chicken out if they have that. But most likely to be fish and vegetables and rice. Satay is big there so that will have the coconut in it along with other meals I'm sure.

Should I just accept that I'll be having more saturated fat for these 10 days? I think I will be able to avoid meat and dairy pretty easily, it's the oils and coconut that will be harder.

I might also stay in a large hotel for a few days which will probably have similar issues, especially when there is buffet meals.

And if anyone can recommend a place to stay I'll happy listen :)


Ms F
I understand that it will be difficult if they are cooking the same dish for everybody. Maybe you can ask them if they can make you fish and bake it in olive oil.
At a buffet i think you've got more chances of finding the right foods.

I've been to Gran Canaria this year and could follow the diet perfectly,
We only had a buffet at breakfast en went to restaurants every night.
Because spanish people have great eating habits (oil, lots of fish) it was no struggle at all. I didn't have to cheat once!
I lost 2,5 kilo's during my vacation. That never happened to me before!!!
I personally do my best to not relax the diet when not at home.
You may be able to focus your meals around the starch options, the rice, root veg etc, then take a very small portion of the fish dish.
I would avoid all fried food.
Have a lovely time, all that vitamin D.
I just came back from a month in Vietnam, and I gather the nutrition would be similar. Most asians haven't even heard of olive oil ... so don't count on that. I took 4 L with me ... ha ha ha !!

The main oil used for cooking is peanut oil, but coconuts are used in all cooking with rare exception. Again as here, the only way to be certain is to cook for yourself or stick to raw foods.

What I did when travelling was to stick to either raw foods, or foods with low oil levels, after all the Omega 6 oils are not toxic, just need to get the balance of Omega 3 to 6 right. What got me in the end was not MS, but allergy to MSG !!! MSG is used in all non-sweet dishes, and in large quantites ... beware if you don't tolerate.

All the best for the trip :-)
Hello mrs. F

My advice would be to eat as healthily as is possible without going hungry or getting stressed about it! I personally wouldn't worry about your sat fat going up a little for 10 days if it is beyond your control, just because, for me, it was important to be able to get fed, still be able to enjoy life and not ruin the relaxation and rest I would get on holiday worrying about my lack of control over the cooking! And Swank did allow an extra sat fat allowance for a two week period while on holiday, I can't remember how much, and he also said cut right down when you get back.

Since starting is diet I've been to india twice and Thailand once for a month each time. I got myself in a tizz before the first trip for the same reason and then decided I could either cancel the holiday or just do my best. The sun and swimming in the sea did me wonders, I managed to stick to spicy Thai soups, fish and curries with rice or seafood when in India and i was fine each time.

On the whole the food was really healthy, remember none of it was processed and it was all fresh and delicious.

Just relax and enjoy yourself, do your best and have FUN!

Jealous! :)

I totally agree with Miriam - do your best but don't stress about it. Since diagnosis I've been on holiday 4 times; once to Rome (Italy is great; cheeseless pizza, lots of veg and fish, lots of olive oil), once to the lake district (self-catering so easy to control what I ate), once to Kenya (buffet in the hotel so easy to pick and choose), once to Arran (lots of fresh fish, again mainly self-catering). Every time I have tried my best but not stuck to OMS perfectly (cooking techniques and cooking oil used being the main concerns). Every time, I have felt better after the holiday thanks to getting plenty of rest and enjoying myself.
Hi Ms F,

I think if you can stay right away from dairy and animal products whilst on holiday, then 10 days of a relaxed attitude to sat fat intake will make absolutely no difference to your health.

Life was meant to be enjoyed!


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
thanks guys.

I will relax the diet whilst way. I feel less stressed already :)

I won't eat meat or dairy or fried food. I imagine I would feel awful if i did eat these foods now.

But won't grill the waiters about oils and coconut.

now its time to get excited.
Ms F .... those are very good plans indeed! I now feel like I'm looking forward to your holiday! ... and also that I can now do my own going away with an easy heart.

The holiday was brilliant, so relaxing.

A little stress getting there - as it always is but brilliant just lazing around a pool and eating great food.

We ate a lot of steamed or grilled white fish with rice and vegetable. Also Gado Gado with tempe and tofu with a satay sauce (no doubt had coconut cream in it). I had juices with most meals. I was surprised at how much we could still have at the buffet breakfast. We ate whole egg omelettes with vegetables, delicious fresh bread rolls, jams, muesli, soy milk, fruit platters constantly.

It was even relaxing not having to worry myself about the oils and coconut products and eggs as I'd decided be relaxed with those rules.

I can't wait to go back soon.
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