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Hi all,
I'm taking part in a 120 mile bike ride this weekend (over two days). It's the first time I've tried anything thing this so I was hoping for some advice re: OMS compliant energy snacks.
I was planning to make flapjacks with cashew nut butter/seeds/ honey and some banana bread?
I also wondered if anyone has experience with the energy gels, I've bought some SIS gels, they are high carb, no fat. They have a list of artificial sounding ingredients but nothing too awful as far as I can tell.
Any ideas would be great, thanks! Kellie xx
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A lovely bike ride :-)
Oat biscuits, plain ones made with olive oil (not palm oil).
Bliss balls (oats and fresh dates recipe)
Plenty fluid.
How about Bounce energy balls? Or make some- look on Deliciously Ella for the Ultimate Energy Balls (you just need to take out the coconut oil and add either a little extra water or a flax egg).

Enjoy the ride!
Thank you both for that, excellent suggestions! X
OMS July 2013
RRMS diagnosis Sept 2013
UK retreat July 2014

I'm pretty sure bounce energy balls have something non oms friendly in them. Whey protein I think. Not sure what this is but I think it's not for us....

Someone else might know for sure. It's a shame as I used to really like those bounce balls-although they are v pricey and easy to make and adapt.

I think banana bread is the loveliest energy hit. And spread witha bit of almond butter even better - especially if you need to keep your energy up...!

Good luck with the cycle. I cycled 10 miles today and felt fab. Was lovely and sunny and have me such a buzz. I def couldn't walk that far though....yet! X
Re the Bounce Energy Balls - I think there is one that has whey protein but I tend to buy the Spirulina and Ginseng ones. These are the ingredients :
Almonds, Gluten Free Oats, Brown Rice, Grape Juice, Brown Rice Starch, Rice Bran, Raisins, Sesame Seeds, Vanilla, Spirulina (1.18%), Sea Salt, Natural Flavouring, Brown Rice Malts, Panax Ginseng (0.18%), Natural Antioxidant (E306)

I know I should make my own and then I would know exactly what was in them, but they are certified Vegan friendly and they are a good stop gap for me :-)
Unfortunately natural flavourings can also be a name for MSG as far as I have found, the UK does not have enforced MSG labeling regulations unlike some countries. Which if you are avoiding MSG is something to know.
How about Nakd bars?
Thanks everyone for the great ideas and thoughts!
I've completed the ride, feeling proud and relieved!
I made the Deliciously Ella energy balls, flapjacks and banana bread along with drinking loads of water. I found they kept me feeling full of energy and surely better than all the artificial stuff.
Thanks again,
Kellie xx
OMS July 2013
RRMS diagnosis Sept 2013
UK retreat July 2014
Very well done! Glad your snacks kept you going. I was wondering about Nature Valley granola bars but I'm guessing probably not allowed, can anyone tell me, I'm new to all this!?! Well actually I had a go some years ago but fell off the wagon so to speak so it's like starting anew.
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