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Hey OMS'ers

I just booked a 2015 trip to Paris, South of France and Spain. After some googling, I am a little worried about my ability to find OMS friendly food, restaurants and my ability to even communicate my dietary needs.

Has anyone travelled here or does anyone live in any of these places? I am looking for suggestions on

-where to eat, specific restaurants
-what to say exactly in restaurants
-travel tips

Thanks so much! I don't want my excitement over the trip to be trumped by anxiety over food.

How exciting :)
The hungry cow website has a translated print out, could just alter it slightly to cross out dairy/cheese etc.
It might give you something to play with to take to give out.
Potatoes and salad should be available most places and fish in spain easy and there is pasta. and fruit is easy
Download a translation app I've been on holiday in France a few times although I cook for my self the French use mostly evo. There breads are baked fresh and do not contain oils like they do over here just try and enjoy.
I have just been in Spain and I found both soy and oat milk in the local shop. No flaxseed oil, though. I ate quite a lot of bread and fruit and vegetables are very tasty. Fish is excellent, I recommend bonito.
They don't pour milk and cream over every dish in the restaurants as in my country, either. Good luck!
Thanks guys.

I always stumble over my words when i am telling waiters and chefs my restrictions could you OMSers give me an example of the exact sentences/explanation you use when in restaurants or eating out?

I keep it simple and say I have a dairy allergy and I do not eat meat, but I do eat seafood.

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I was in the south of France in the summer and you can easily eat, especially yummy fish. They are also very clued up about lactose intolerance and changed dishes for me.
Happy cow is the perfect app for travelling as it will indicate shops, vegetarian and vegan places. Soy milk etc also easily available.
A new thing I found out was that kosher restaurants are quite good when avoiding dairy - a lot of the dishes will be meat but there is always fish too. Apart from a big Jewish community in France, you will always find North African cuisine which doesn't really use dairy (maybe yoghurt from time to time). Enjoy!
Thank you for sharing valuable information for me. I just picked up a and am thinking of going there soon. But there were some concerns about food.
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