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Sorry - not a very inspiring title!!

Does anyone know of anything obvious in the diet which could cause loose stools and loss of bowel control? This is not a problem I have had before and I am sure it is not ms related for me just now anyway. I am only taking a small amount of flaxseed oil once a day on food and have stopped taking fish oil tablets. Pre-OMS I ate anything and everything and was a regular kind of girl but never felt like I wasn't going to make it to the toilet! Help please I am getting caught out!

Hilary x
Hi, when people change to a diet of more fruit and vegetables and less processed food their bowel habits change also.It is normal to have 2 bowel movements per day. I think what you are experiencing is the transition phase, and you need to give your gut time to regain it's healthy state. A vegan prebiotic may help.Hang in there, it is very much worth it.
Or and prebiotic.
Meant probiotic.
Thank you for your reply! I have been on the diet for 9 months - can it take that long for the body to adjust? Also really smelly wind that I can't always control...any suggestions??
I will look into the probiotics.

Hilary x
Hi Hilary,
I'd hope you've had some stool tests for pathogens and parasites, and maybe some blood tests for malabsorption and adult onset coeliac disease? Only then should you look at dietary intolerances - largely a trial and error procedure, but there are some good self help sites, eg FODMAPS.

Best wishes, it can't be much fun at the moment.
Thanks for your good wishes and advice Mairi - I will look into it.

Hilary x
Hi Hilary

I've had problems for a whole year which is slowly getting back in control. I basically believe it was candida - I hate a stool test done (privately - nhs ones are just for some parasites).
Two years ago I had three days of steroids iv then a year later I had two bouts of antibiotics - these things clear out the good bacteria in your stomach and leave you vulnerable to candida overgrowth which can then lead to food intolerances - loose stool, urgency and worst of all for me panic attacks.
Anyway that was at the core of my issues, wishing you all the best
Mila x
*had not hate!
Hi Mila

Thank you so much for sharing that. I hope things keep improving for you.

I decided to cut out soya milk and the next day things were almost back to normal. I am sticking to rice milk for now, no soya, and thankfully the urgency and bad smell has gone. I have ordered some probiotics as thought it might help anyway. Didn't realise soya could have that affect!

Thanks again
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