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hi guys,
I was diagnosed 7 months ago and a friend recently directed me to this site... I've been following the diet religiously for 3 weeks without eating anything other than recommended by OMS.... But I went on a family holiday last week.. To Centre Parks in France... I thought I would just see what's out there when I get there but it turned out to be extremely difficult ... There was almost nothing I would eat and I was constantly hungry.. I'd buy tins of fish in brine and have it on dry brown toast or maybe have some musli or fruit here or there, but I always felt hungry which sort of affected my mood and my holiday (especially as everyone around me was eating all the stuff I used to love... Which isn't a problem unless I'm mega hungry)
So I was wondering what you guys do to prepare for your holidays...
If I go to Spain next year Id rather not spend the majority of the time worrying about what I'll be able to eat next...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
It depends where you are going, but France and Spain even more - is rich with Mediteranean cousine.

I do admit it's not always easy and it takes me couple of days to manage. You can always eat salads (even fish salads, but be careful where you eat them) and fish. Sushi is great if you can find it!

Of course, before going to trip, you can google the possible venues to eat. And you can bring your own first-help nuts and similar food to keep you fed enough until you find a decent restaurant.

Except for sushi, you can't eat fast food anymore so you got to stick to the full meal restaurants... I used to worry about food, but now I think really fast when ordering, as I know what I can and cannot eat.

P.S. I try my best, but when it's impossible to be 100% OMS, I try to mitigate the loss. There are, however, some rules I would never break, for example I would never eat dairy or fried food (not even fried veggies or fish). But if the only thing wrong with the tuna salad is the possibility that the restaurant is using canned tuna in vegetable oil (usually soy or sunflower) and there is really nothing else I could eat, I eat it. You might call it cheating and you might say I'm rationalizing, but upseting myself over food or staying hungry is not good for my psychological health. How can it hurt me more than some extra omega 9 fatty acid (not so much saturated fat in sunflower oil, so the omega 9 is the only problem)? And the oil is not even fried!

It's not like you shouldn't try. Prepare yourself as much as you can, but don't be hungry. OMS is not suffering, it's a lifestyle choice which happens to exclude some food
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If I am traveling by car, I pack a lot of food items. Then I find I don't have to eat out for every meal. I recently traveling to Ecuador to visit my sister and took things with me on the plane such as bread mix and Larabars.

Since I was staying at her house, I planned time for cooking. I gave her a grocery list and then did some cooking on day 1. I planned some soups, typical veggies and fruits and desserts so I wouldn't be hungry. Of course then everyone ate what I had prepared because it is good and fresh! (And I had to cook some more.)

When eating out, I try to Google menus and nutrition beforehand. This was really tough in Ecuador. So, I just asked a lot of questions and often ordered custom dishes that had OMS components. Fish, veggies, bread that all pass OMS.

The trick for me is to not be hungry. I don't ever cheat but that always hungry feeling is tough.
When that situation happens, I rationalize - what if I ate something I shouldn't by mistake. Would anything happen to me? No, I would just make sure to stop eating it and go back to my lifestyle. Fighting yourself because it happened won't help, it might only harm you.

It is important not to make a rule from a mistake. Yes I did eat tuna that was in vegetable oil, but I won't buy it in a store, just because it's cheaper. I will still pay double for the one in salty water. Next time, I won't say it's ok just because I happen to have eaten it once in a restaurant.

OMS is a beautiful thing and we're doing great things to our bodies by living this lifestyle. It's not always easy and you can't be spontanious as before. However, you should be aware WHY you are doing this. Not only to make you feel good and to defeat the disease, but also because some of the foods you used to eat is seriously bad for you. Some of it is bad for you, but won't kill you because you take other measures to annul it. E.g. I mentioned vegetable oil. If not fried, what's going to harm you? Omega 9 fatty acid. But I do take regular flaxseed oil. If it happens that I have to eat tuna in vegetable oil, I won't stay hungry. I'm going to eat it and have another tablespoon of flaxseed oil tomorrow and perhaps be even more strict some time.

But being hungry is the direct negation of OMS!
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We now always go self-catering so that we can cook for ourselves and not be at the whim of restaurants. We bought a Mazda Bongo (camper-type van) and this helps when travelling in the UK as we can take food with us and cook it in the van.

I have some flaxseed oil capsules for when we're flying, so I don't have to take oil through customs. I actually don't like the capsules at all but they do the job (we get them from the same people as the oil - flaxfarm in the UK).

I really feel for you in France - we drove through on the way to the Basque Country in Spain this year, and I was so grateful for the Bongo, as there was often not a lot I could eat anywhere, everything cooked in butter and cream, and restaurants unwilling to cook things more simply when asked (in one place I really couldn't be bothered to cook, and ended up with a plate of rice, lettuce and tomatoes!). The Basque country was great mind you - great fresh seafood and salads. I've found my taste has changed a lot since doing OMS, and it now feels really decadent (and more importantly, allowed!) to order a whole seafood platter and guzzle my way through it! Depends where you're going in Spain I guess - I always google the area before going anywhere to see if there are any good vegan restaurants nearby, and have been pleasantly surprised by various places.

If I think I'm going somewhere where I'm really going to struggle to find things (though this fear has usually been unfounded) then I make energy bars at home with nuts/fruit, wrap them individually, and take enough for 1-2 a day. Then I can always take them out with me each day, so if I'm hungry and everyone else is eating cake I can have one.

But yes, for me, going self-catering and stocking up at a local supermarket on the first day gets me through most holidays - and I've discovered new strange fruit and veg in different places when checking out the local markets for fresh stuff.

I really hope you have a great time - it does get easier with time and become more second nature!

Jenny x
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Hi there, Just want to say I really feel for you! I live in France and unless you're in Paris it is impossible to do OMS when out. People can be really unfriendly at restaurants here, too, and not willing to accommodate special diets. I recommend staying in self-catering places whenever in France, but also for your trip to Spain. Best to you, and be glad you don't live here all the time! :D
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I travel to Canary Islands in January. I intend to take some nuts, energy bars and flaxseed oil with me to avoid the necessity of shopping on the first day. I hope I'll find capsules but if I don't find them, I'll take a small bottle of oil with me. It will be dark inside the suitcase and it's cold in the baggage section. I'll put it into the fridge after the arrival to the hotel, so I hope it will survive.
I think that planning is the key when going on holiday. I went on a family holiday to France in the summer which was organised before I discovered the OMS programme. As we were self catering it wasn't too much of a problem. I took some simple recipes with me and was able to prepare separate food for myself but found that other family members enjoyed this too! I also made some energy balls which kept me going when everyone else was snacking. French supermarkets have a wide range of products available, and fresh bread, fruit and vegetables were available in abundance.

We even managed to eat out a couple of times in Bergerac, both times at the same restaurant where the staff were friendly and accommodating. The first time I had tuna salad off the menu and my French stretched to being able to check that it was dairy-free. The second time I felt confident enough to be able to ask for a vegetable pizza without any cheese.

With regard to flax seed oil, I took a bottle out of the freezer before I left home, packed it in the protective packaging that it is shipped to me in, popped it in my suitcase and it was still cold when I unpacked it several hours later. It tasted fine so the journey didn't do it any harm.
dominic wrote: I travel to Canary Islands in January. I intend to take some nuts, energy bars and flaxseed oil with me to avoid the necessity of shopping on the first day. I hope I'll find capsules but if I don't find them, I'll take a small bottle of oil with me. It will be dark inside the suitcase and it's cold in the baggage section. I'll put it into the fridge after the arrival to the hotel, so I hope it will survive.

Hi there, where are you going to Canary island ? I want to go 2 month january and february? Did you find something cheap?
I'm going on Jan 18th with tourist agency to a hotel *** for a week. 580 € for flight from Treviso and breakfast & dinner in a hotel at Playa de las Americas.
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