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Hi Group,

I've been on the OMS plan for two months now. I have been a vegan for a year or so, so the transition hash't been too tough.

I used to order papa johns pizza without the cheese, just the crust, toppings and tomato sauce. In Jelinek's book he does mention having pizza this way. Papa Johns do not supply nutritional information for pizza's without cheese however a medium cheese and tomato contains 3.2g of saturated fat per 100g so i'm guessing having pizza the way i do is totally OMS safe.

Any Opinions on this?

Also while i'm here. I've been having two tablespoons of flax oil a day, I think i may be taking too little judging from other posts.

I had a Papa Johns veggie pizza, no cheese, last night. I often have to eat 2 meals a day at work, so this is one of my 'lazy day' meals. It makes a change from living off Tupperwares full of salads and reheated veg chilli! I guess there may be oil in the pizza base, (which I should probably check out), but as a quick meal now and again, I think a cheese-free veggie pizza is pretty OK. I often have cheese-less veggie pizza if I am eating out.

With regards to flax oil, the OMS recommended daily amount is 20-40mls. In the UK, a teaspoon = 5mls, so I have always worked on the assumption that a tablespoon is around 10mls, so I have 3 tablespoons (approx 30mls) a day.

I had a veggie Pizza Hut pizza last night (no cheese) with ultra thin base. Kitchen being refitted, so limited cooking options and I figure that the only real harm would be saturated fat which I keep very low so it should be fine occasionally.

A tablespoon is 17.75 ml in the UK, so two tablespoons should be fine.
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I'm not familiar with Papa Johns (don't have them in Australia), but I often have homemade vegetable pizza with capsicum, onion, olives, basil, tomato, zucchini, pineapple.

It's delicious and I believe that it is OMS friendly too. Being a homemade base, we know exactly what is in it ;)

Also had a cheese-less seafood pizza from a takeaway on the weekend. It was quite light and not oily at all - very nice!
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