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Hi all,
I'm not sure if any one can help to answer my query?? I embarked on the OMS lifestyle in July 2015 (4 months ago) after being diagnosed in June 2015, other than finding it quite difficult to think of many different meal ideas/variations (especially sauces) ( I can't wait for the recipe book to be published;-) ) I have managed to stick rigidly to the priniciples of the OMS diet. I will continue to stick to the diet moving forward however I was wondering if any body knew the impact of a very occassional non OMS compliant meal. I do miss going out for a meal and eating some of my favourite dishes. I was thinking only very occassionally i.e my birthday and christmas as a minimum and maybe an additional 3 or 4 meals out a year, so minimum of 2 non oms compliant meals a year to a max of 6 non oms compliant meals a year.

I know I would really enjoy a very occasional non oms compliant meal out, I have not done this yet and will not until I have a better understanding of the impact/implications. Does anybody know the effect of having a very occassional non oms compliant meal? I just don't understand the impact/ would it completely undo the goodness of being on the oms diet.

I do understand that the OMS is a lifestyle change and one that I am committed to - but I just wondered if anyone knew if it would be ok for me to plan 2 - 6 non oms compliant meals a year?? would it be detrimental / harmful and undo the benefits of the OMS to date. I have calculated that 2 meals a year would = 0.54 % of the year's evening meal and 6 meals a year would represent = 1.6% of the year's evening meal. Sorry I know looks sad to calculate it this way - I just need some advice to help decide if it would be ok or a silly thing to do --- ;-) Any advice on the impact/implications of this would be much appreciated so I can decide if this is something I could do?? xx
My timeline with diagnosis and OMS is similar to yours and so I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will comment, but here's my understanding:

Some things are absolute no-nos because they could trigger a relapse. So stick with vegan plus fish.

Saturated fat should be as low as possible, but there will always be some.
Frying with oils can change their chemical composition. I try to avoid if possible, so baked food is generally my go-to dish, but I'd let this slip if I had to.

My approach is to ring ahead and explain the situation. I did this yesterday and was offered three off-menu choices. They all sounded delicious and I had an amazing vegetable tagine. I've had quite a few cheese-free pizzas as well - I'm fairly sure these are not 100% compliant, but there's no meat and no dairy, so I just make sure I'm extra good that day.

Christmas is going to be a challenge.
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OMS is an "All In" lifestyle. You'll need to replace your old favorites with new ones!

Search for the post "Why you don't break the diet" for the experiences of two members who ate a meal off of OMS.

You can do it! Food gets easier the longer you do this!

Just like to say for a 'newby' Diggity, you have a great answer.
Also catgirl's reference to past posts is definitely worth a read!

I struggle eating out too, and although I don't mind asking the waitress/waiter what's in certain dishes, as for requesting a special meal I fine challenging.
I avoid eating out as much as possible, but do enjoy inviting friends over and cooking OMS and non OMS food for people.... Funny thing is meant prefer the OMS food, especially the smoked salmon, mushroom sauce on kumera with salad I do.

A lot of restaurants have websites with their menu on it, and say whether the cater to special diets or not. ( so many people do have special diet needs!
It's worth researching so if the time comes when you should eat out you are prepared!
Of course it is better to simply be compliant - then there is nothing to worry about. But in answer to your question, I personally would particularly consider that we don't eat dairy because of an implied autoimmune response so I would consider that even a tiny bit of dairy could be very risky in terms of relapse.
Apart from dairy, the other big culprits are corrupted and saturated fats which do make the body produce more of the T cells that go off the rails in MS (see the very latest blog), so you are risking setting off inflammation if you have these fats. The problem is no one really knows if you will get away with it or not but the studies do increasingly show that clearly these fats are inflammatory.

Six times a year means once every two months. Seems like it might be easy to transition to once a month or so from there - start to normalise non-compliance and think that you got away with a few times so it's probably ok. I guess that is the other issue - slippery slope and all that.
My feeling is that it could be a very slippery slope, it would be for me. Birthdays, Christmas to start but then Mothers Days, Fathers Day, a family party, a wedding, a funeral... could easily slip to once a month and from there twice is a month is no big deal and you are not really OMS anymore.

Eating out is so tricky but for me cheating is not ok. I also think I would start looking forward to my next pizza and not making the most of the lovely food I eat every day.

Also, I am proud of what I am doing, I think I would lose that if I cheated.

I've been following the OMS diet now for just over 3 years, I've always had a terrible sweet tooth and have had a few occasions where I've slipped up and fallen off the waggon so to speak which I always felt bad about I don't think it's a good idea to have what you call cheat meals when you look back over the swank info then not sticking to the diet dose have an effect on the progression of Ms. I love to eat out its something my husband loves and it's not fair to have to give that up in just a little more choosy about where I eat most restaurants are really good at making a dish that is OMS friendly always choose s fish that is baked or poached ask for things without sauces and plain veg potatos and use mustard balsamic and lemon to flavour good restaurants will always adapt dishes they have to do it a lot there are so many people with different dietary needs pizza without cheese personally think it's way nicer than one with cheese I even have a fantastic Iocal Indian who now makes me a special fish curry with no dairy no oil and no ghee he's now put it on his menu as there are that many people on diets that now ask for the same thing just speak to the staff then you never feel your missing out life is here to enjoy it soon becomes a way of life and health raw vegan is becoming a very popular lifestyle choose :D
Hi all, welcome to the OMS diet Goldfluff1!

I've embraced OMS lifestyle for a good few years now. It's not just about diet. It's about making a choice for yourself and living with that. It will trickle through all sorts of aspects of your life and with it you will change, make healthy choices. Those aren't just about food. Maybe the food choice is the most visible one to other people and it will and does take other people to adapt and respect those choices you make. Eating a healthy diet like the OMS diet isn't just good for you. What a fantastic change to see how a restaurant is taking the recommendations on board and incorporates it into their menu, that's great, Delb!!

There is so much to learn and change just in the way you eat at the beginning, tackling eating out is an entire other area! I can only speak from my own experience, I had chosen switch to OMS 'cold turkey'. It wasn't about cheating. It was about being selfish and putting myself first. I needed to do this so that I can get better. There was no cheating, no temptation. I made big changes in little steps that I could manage. Eating out I only really considered when I was confident that I could maintain my diet and feel good about it. And when I did I was so surprise how easy it ws to ask and it's so nice to see how pretty much every restaurant is willing to help and prepare what they can for you.

Stick to it! Food does get easier and tastier and there will come a day and you will ask, what? I used to eat that (other less healthy) stuff??

Remember Swank successfully treated patients and allowed dairy.

Personally If I don't go out, drink 10 pints, visit the kebab shop and binge on chocolate - that's a success. If I start being too strict, I rebound and flip-out. Believe me, I know the diet, principles and physiology - equally, you have to live. If you end up miserable, deprived, depressed, then you have to ask yourself how much damage that does too.

The disease has taken many years to manifest itself, but it's different for everybody. How much exercise do you do, how much inflammatory food do you have, age, gender, stress etc. If you feel you can survive a few meals off plan, then cool.
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The post by George at the top of this linked thread is about why we do what we do and why we don't drop off.
The more you can know the more you decide your path to suit you.
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