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Not Jewish in any way, but understanding the idea of keeping a dual kitchen set up, Kosher kitchens have one set of pans, refrigerators, utensils of use with meat, and another set for use with dairy.

Do we need to be that thorough with the OMS kitchen, keeping one set of utensils for the fat and oil dieters, and a second set, not to be mixed in for the OMSers, or is the use of one pan to cook both meat and no meat meals, OK? Obviously cleaning it out between the two meals.

I am working on the family one meal at a time, and have had a little success in the last couple of days, but I think of the family as definitely a work in progress! ;)
Be well, live long and prosper!
I guess it depends on the pan, I can't stand any meals I cook in my parents everyday pans as I can taste the meat or fat in the pan even if the pan appears clean. The exception is the stainless steel pan as it is proper clean.
I am fine with utensils if they again are clean.
Some pans are engrained with an oiled/fat surface and this I sure can taste so avoid those pans.
I do not use the over roasting pans these are engrained.
So I guess pick and chose you know your pans and what are clean.
Thanks veg.

I use a lot of cast iron pans, and the seasoning on a cast iron pan is micro thin layers of carbonized oil or fat, and much as I love them for cooking in, I think I will have to move to parchment paper lining for stir frying and for popping in the oven.

The other pans are Stainless with Copper plate bottoms, and while great on top of the stove, I don't like using them in the oven, (as I typed that, I had to try and articulate why I don't use them in the oven... and I failed :roll: ), I just don't! I also have stainless skillets, so I'm ready to stir fry in the stainless, but I think I'll need something else for the oven.
Be well, live long and prosper!
I've switched to non-stick. On the one hand this seems wrong having "seasoned" pans with oil for years, but it allows us to have meals from the same pan (after washing) and it allows me to dry-fry with no oil (and lots of stirring).

I'm slowly getting the family interested in my meals when they think they're missing out because my stuff looks delicious. I can see a future where most of our meals are the same.
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