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As someone who likes a drink.

Why does alcohol matter? Beyond the usual 'guideline rhetoric' - specifically for MS, why is it bad in excess?

I know if I get drunk, I eat junk. But the holism cites heavy drinkers with worst outcomes... but how & why? Is it that these are the same people who care less about diet (intentionally or not?).

What are the mechanisms? I can understand the logic of fat,and perhaps its that alcohol interferes with lipid metabolism (Omega 3's and alcohol), i don't know. But i do know that i hate feeling guilty about drinking :( I f someone where to be 100% compliant on diet and drink perhaps more than was recommended, whats the prognosis?

I know alcohol is one of the few ways i distress and relax
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Alcohol in moderation is not bad, I even went out and bought a box of wine to stick in the fridge so that I have some wine on hand, a glass in some of the food I cook, and a glass in my hand as I cook with it!

Drinking to relax and drinking to excess, I've done them both in the past, but to what end? When you are kicking your liver and kidneys with overwhelming alcohol you are reducing your body wellness overall, I did it as a callow youth, but some years have gone by since then.

Are you saying you can't just have a couple of drinks, that you have to get drunk? That sounds like alcohol may be more of a problem than it should or could be.

I used to drink 20 - 30 pints of beer a day, I went through the DT's badly when I quit drinking like that, the root cause was emotional problems I was having at the time, cure the root cause, resolve the over drinking.
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Try a search on alcohol and the immune system, it will give you pages and pages that will answer your question why excess drinking is not a good choice if you want to be well.
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Farrier & Kashu thanks for your replies.

Farrier , what you go no to talk about kind of exemplifies my point, i dont want to get in to the whole psychological, sociological rationale. Thats not what I asked. That coupled with the vanilla 'its generally bad', isnt my point. Specifically, with MS, physiologically, why is alcohol (lets say beyond moderation, but not excessive), detrimental? What are the pathways? Forget general 'its bad'.

Kashu I have searched for alcohol on these forums (many times), but nothing seemed to explain what and why it was specifically not good. My guess maybe is ethanol is metabolised before anything (i.e. fats), which leaves excess fat being picked up (or not) by lymphatic system. That, and when I drink, my self control and diet goes too.
Diagnosed June 2004
I think searching was a wider net not restricted to just this site.
My immune system is a desperately out of tune instrument, my actions are my hope to reign it in and allow some assemblance of harmony and stabilisation. Excess drinking leads to poor preception and judgement, exposing oneself to choices that would otherwise not be made like what is eaten, that alone is a big gamble.
Could you take up a sport or gym time to help manage stress and give relaxation.
drinking leads to poor preception and judgement, exposing oneself to choices that would otherwise not be made like what is eaten,

... but thats my point. If one were to follow the diet 100%, but also, say, drink 2 pints a day, whats the specific rationale behind alcohol being detrimental?

Could you take up a sport or gym time to help manage stress and give relaxation.

... again we're going around in circles - this is not my point - forget psych, social, stress, childhood, work, whatever - im trying to ascertain the impact of drinking more than most others do on this forum, but also being really strict with the rest of the diet.
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I don't think the nitty gritty and metabolic specifics about over drinking has been discussed in the book/site because it really doesn't need to be. There are copious studies over the years that show it is bad for anyone. Especially if your body is under stress from disease.

You know it is bad for you so in the end it's a personal decison. Try cutting it down as part of your OMS program and see if you feel better.

Personally any alcohol makes my walking worse at the time but I will still have a couple but am careful where I drink.
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But at the end of the day as Kushu said, "You know it is bad for you, so in the end it's a personal decision".

The Prognosis of drinking alcohol at higher than recommended levels is... you will drink until you're decision making abilities are impaired, you will eat junk food and break the diet, you will wake up with a hangover and additional inflammation, (than you would have had, had you not drunk the alcohol and junk food), then you will feel guilty about the extra abuse you piled on your body, and search for a justification of you own actions.

If that comment appears harsh, I'd like to apologize to you and the forums. I was an alcoholic drunk 30 + years ago, drinking to and beyond excess every day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, I was using alcohol as a crutch, and according to my GP at the time, I was likely to be dead in a couple of years. I stopped the drinking, I changed my mindset, I lived on for more than twice the life I would have had if I'd carried on drinking beyond excess. If that is the only form of relaxation and de-stressing that you have, please expand your horizons, there are many things out there that are less self destructive than over drinking.
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I guess you will have to continue to thoroughly read every research paper that comes out of the studies done through this OMS site, seeing as it the biggest MS survey database, as you have already done. But what then what if you do not read what you are hoping to find, is it that the black and white result has a grey area of the why. I used to smoke even when I had MS, I never knew then what we now know from the Holism studies that smoking also shows MS to be worse, but gives no why.
Following the OMS approach is more than diet, there are many facets, following just diet is only part of the picture, how can one answer if I break this section is what I do in another have a big enough impact to paper over what I am not doing.
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