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Thanks veg for reminding me, to take the beam out of my own eye, before I comment on the mote in my brothers! :lol:
Be well, live long and prosper!
I thought your post was excellent.
It's really very simple - consuming anything in excess is not too good for you - regardless of whether you have MS or cancer or MND or the common cold or a wart on the end of your nose or nothing wrong at all. The same applies regardless of whether you follow OMS, Wahls protocol, Paleo, no protocol at all, live entirely on Maccas, or are standing on your head waving your legs around. Alcohol is no exception to the "rule of excess".

Note - alcohol in excess is quite likely to lead to failed attempts to stand on your head and wave your legs in the air. At least if you attempt this after imbibing a few too many bevvies, you will provide onlookers with a good laugh, so in one respect over-consumption will produce some benefits for the observers!!!
As an ex party girl, who has probably inflicted some spectacular damage to her body over the years, I feel I have to stick my oar in here. The first point of damage caused by drinking to excess (even moderate excess) is the brain. The damage happens here way before the liver and kidneys are affected. As we are all on a program to both protect and reverse damage to the brain and the rest of the central nervous system, isn't excessive drinking a little bit like hitting a broken bone with a hammer while you are waiting for it to heal?
Sam, if I can quit, then you can!!!!!

If that comment appears harsh, I'd like to apologize to you and the forums.

... Farrier, you have no need to at all. what you said was absolutely right - and sums up my self-inflicted mental and physical predicament well. I just miss my old life. Thanks for the links too!

veg, for a long time I used eat junk, train hard, work hard, drink what I wanted - so its of some comfot to hear that you smoked :] but i still guess you're more sensible than me, as my binging didnt stop / has never really (but has had to now as im having a bad relapse). thank you for your reply too.

its not that i want to drink to excess, i don't - it makes me feel too rotten. but what i do want to do, is say, have 2 or 3 pints, without feeling like im my own worst enemy, without feeling guilt ridden, without feeling trapped. I want to enjoy a drink, but feel like i cant, even a few pints.

thanks to all who replied - it is very much appreciated and the thoughts and insights of people who have felt / done / worried about the same, is invaluable and timeless.
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In one of the latest OMS studies released on this site, George talks about alcohol consumption. It was found that those who drank heavily or not at all fared slightly worse than those who drank moderately.
Why feel guilty? You don't answer to us, have a couple of beers and enjoy . Ultimately it is you that decides what you do for your health and you get the consequences good or bad which is the biggest motivator of all.
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Hi sm8,

If you are interested use the search engine on pubmed, most people can get access to the abstracts at least. I did a quick search and lots of information came up. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26375241

Makes for heavy but interesting reading.
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