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I am just looking for feedback on what I am doing to make sure I am doing the best I can
So this is what I am doing;

no meat
no diary
watch sat fats

I take Vit D approx. 10,000 a day
approx. 40ml of flax oil a day even if I eat salmon
Vit B12 once 1-2 week
multi complex B Vitamin 1-2 a week
Vit C daily

Thanks :D

I STOPPED taking fish oils and omega 3 when I switched to 40ml of flax oil a day..

Should I change anything or add anything
No coconut,
No cooking in oils.
You can bake with olive oil but not above certain temperature.

Meditation. ( I don't do this but I have a lot of relaxing time ie; horse riding, sitting on the beach, gardening etc..

Your diet seems mostly right to me, others may have more input..
Looks good but you need to test your vitD levels in order to know how much you should be taking.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
You don't mention whether you cook fresh whole foods. It is possible to eat really badly but still with no meat or dairy. Avoid processed ready made packaged products.
Thanks Everyone

I have appt next week to get my Vit D tested again - it has been low in the past

I try to avoid processed packaged food that have sat fat or canola oils in it and eat lots of natural whole foods.
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