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Diagnosed June 2004
I get so frustrated about the 'quality of evidence' argument. There is clear evidence!!!

Swank's evidence is so sound BUT because of the NOW medical 'gold standard' - double / blinded control trials etc etc. it's not seen as good enough. Swank's work was done before this and therefor seems to have been discounted - absolutely ridiculous.

I really like this explanation from George -


We know diet and program works-- we live it
We also know there are always going to be people in the medical community that will never believe in diet and or want to disprove it altogether.
My neurologist is adamant that stress has no affect on my MS but yet when I have extreme stress I have symptoms.
We believe in OMS and George and continue to come to the MS website for information and because it is a positive place that gives people not just hope but the actual tools to make the necessary changes.
I also found it quite comical that they stated they were concerned about how following the diet would affect my pocket book..... my copaxone costs thousands of dollars a year and if your benefits do not cover 100% your still on the hook for quite the monthly payment...
Here is a recent study on dietary fatty acids and MS, which may be of interest.

I'm sad that I won't get back the three minutes of my life that I just wasted reading that link.

What a load of tripe. The answer to the last question wasn't even in the ball park. Yawn!
What exactly is a "confessing area?" This doesn't even make sense in terms of basic English.
Thanks 1britta1 . I often wonder if there is a secondary step ie gut bacteria at play. Note to self- eat more green leafy veg today!
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