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Hi, My name is Tony and my wife have MS :( we know it 10 days ago. I read all the page, forum, etc. And I'm very happy to read that the people feels good with good diet, vitamin D, omega 3. (I'm sorry for my english, I'm from spain)

I buy for my wife:
vitamin D3 5000 UI in softgels, is ok?
Flaxseed oil in a 500 ml bottle but she hate it. Can I buy flaxseed oil in softgels?
I read in some places that she can drink soja milk, but in other pages say "no" (calcium and vitamin D3) I just want to know if its possible, if not I buy Almond milk.

Now I'm buying in a vegan shop, It's difficult for us, because we always eat all. I just want to know if dr. Jelinek have some diet book. I find a book in internet but looks old.

Maybe you have some post about that, but I'm new and I don't know where I can find it.

If you have any ideas or advice, I thank you
Flaxoil from a shop is usually very bad and has gone rancid. Best buy straight from a flaxfarm that cold presses it and ships straight to you. Extra glass bottles can go straight in the freezer.
First thing is your wife get a vitamin d test to tell you what the level is.
Recipe ideas here.
I use a rice drink in my oats I have for breakfast.
https://www.masmusculo.com/es/flaxseed- ... oCo8nw_wcB

This flax oil soft gels are cold pressed. Are not ok?
There are lots of recipes on the web site and you can have flax oil gels you can also get your omeg 3 from oilly fish sardines,salmon makrel just what the amount you eat on daily basis and be aware of amount of sat fat you get from your good extra virgin oil nuts and avacardo. Your lucky you live in a country that produces the most wonderful fruits and vegetables.
Welcome. You have found a great resource in this website. Please go to the 'tap into OMS' section from the home page of this website and click on the link to OMS books and where to purchase.

Like others have said, flax oil will spoil quickly if not refrigerated and very fresh. I flavour flax oil with garlic and herbs and dip my bread into it or put on bread with cinnamon and honey on top on the days I don't eat fish. Perhaps your wife would like it flavoured with spices, garlic or chilli or made into salad dressing? I also drink soy milk in small amounts (less than one cup per day).
I hope this helps. The diagnosis part can be overwhelming. Such good news that you have found this site so quickly. I wish you well.
This selection of recipes shoul start you off.
A recope book is being prepared now.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Hi tony
Can I ask what book you found on the internet?
Hi Tony,

Ifs great you are supporting your wife like you are!

The vitamin D soft gels you gave bought sound fine ( make sure they are just vitamin D and have nothing else added).

I buy my liquid flax seed oil from a health shop where it is kept in a fridge. I believe the soft gel flax seed oils are not as good.
I take mine mixed in pasta, rice, on bread or in mashed vegetables.
I found having it straight tasted yuck too.
Try different brands as some taste better than others. It should be yellow and never brown!
I drink soy milk and oat milk. Calcium is not a problem unless you are having very very high levels of vitamin D.
We are not suppose to have more than 15grams of saturated fat a day ( not counting flaxseed oil)
So check everything you buy.

Good luck!
Shop bought flax oil is always very very likely to be off.
Because from pressing to being off is 6 week shelf life and is only if stored correctly which doesn't happen.
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