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Hi all,

Next month I am spending a week in Penang, Malaysia. While it's known as the 'food capital' of Asia with all the Hawker food, on research it seems there will be very little I can eat. Even the seafood or vego noodle dishes are often fried in pork fat and noted to be delicious but very unhealthy for the general public, which makes them totally off the charts for me.

Yikes! :shock:

I would HUGELY appreciate any tips on what to look out for that will be a safe option. A lot of the time I probably won't even know what the dish names mean - so any help at all would be amazing as it's freaking me out a little. I desperately don't want to undo all the good OMS has done for me over the past 18 months.

Many thanks :)
I travelled in Malaysia a lot, but this was pre-MS (well actually after a mystery hand numbness which doctors couldn't diagnose).

There is loads of compliant food available and we were often offered a dish with real meat or vegetarian meat (tofu). I would try the absolute best you can and just enjoy it. I love to travel and figure that small rule breaks that might occur are outweighed by the mindful benefits of enjoying the trip.

Try this guide (not fully compliant, but mostly).


I would add gado-gado which is a salad that is delicious (I think it's Indonesian, but you'll probably see it). Also pad thai, but with this and gado-gado ask for it without egg.

Have a fantastic time.
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Thank you so much Diggity, your reply is very helpful and also really reassuring.

I was at the point of 'Maybe I shouldn't go' but then thought the disappointment would probably be worse for me mentally than a week of doing the best I can with the food. So many thanks for your logical and encouraging reassurance. :D
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