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Hello beautiful people,

I'm 31 and have just arrived in Sydney as I begin my one year working visa with my beautiful fiance before finishing off in South East Asia.

I have been here a week now and have been astonished by the vegan options here compared to back in London. I have been vegan/OMS for the last 6 months coming off being a pescitarian for the previous 2 years prior. So I have a few important questions to ensure that I continue from my 2 years relapse free; I would love to hear as much feedback as possible regarding these questions/ statements;

A) How much flax oil I should be consuming per day. I'm currently on 3 tablespoons

B) If I cannot avoid it, I will eat a dish that has some fried ingredients. Usually this would be a maximum of 2 meals a week. Although this is not ideal it does relieve me from anxiety of having to be fried free 365 days a year.

C) After I leave Sydney or other main cities I doubt it is going to be easy following the OMS/ vegan diet. I believe the soul needs to experience and I see this trip as the last chance for me to explore in depth before I start a family. Can I have some suggestions of how best to prepare myself or improvise with food to suit my needs?

I look forward to your responses :)

Kind Regards,
Hello and welcome to Australia! You will see previous posts about dining out in Sydney if you search similar terms. Since it is such a vast country..... You may have to give us a hint where you are heading, food choices and supply will be vastly different outback/ remote compared with rural / regional towns and do you mean shopping for ingredients or eating out? Happy travels
Hi Mark

A. Prof Jelinek recommends anywhere between 20-40 miles flax oil daily, so 3 tablespoons is stacks.

B. I too have fried (only in EVOO) on occasion but as little as possible and never use when at smoking point. But OMS states not to fry so I do it knowing I'm bending the rules.

C. Be reassured it is easy throughout the whole of Australia to continue this diet. You may not find Vegan restaurants as easily but there is bountiful fresh produce and everything you need to cook at home and prepare meals to travel with etc.
I live in a country town, in the 'outback', visit family in even smaller remote towns (population 1500) and have everything I could ever want, everywhere I go.

Enjoy your travels.
I'm actually just finishing up q trip similar to yours. In Australia I found flax oil very easy to find, but SE Asia you will definitely need to bring a supply with you or order some to be delivered to you for pickup somewhere in Asia. Or maybe make sure that you eat a lot of fish to meet your omega 3 needs. I ended up mainly making my own food throughout my travels, because eating out in restaurants ends up causing me a lot of anxiety now (I get paranoid that there is something OMS unfriendly hidden in the food). I invested in some good air tight tupperware, a small cutting board, and a swiss army knife. Although that being said I would always prepare a translation of my dietary requirements (with pictures!) for each country I visited in case I did buy food out.
Thanks people. 557 I'm literally travelling all over Australia.
When I travelled from Melbourne to Karumba I found surprises in strange places. You will find that you can get all things (flax seed oil) in the more populated towns with supermarkets. I was pleasantly surprised in a place named "Eulo" in outback Queensland. The main road in town has about 8 residences, a pub, a general store and a police station in it. If a small town has a few residents with Diabetes or Celiac Disease (not saying we are the same) but they will understand your dietary needs.

Good luck & Safe travels to you
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.
I really enjoyed traveling around Australia. I think I will go there again soon. My travel agent offered at a very favorable price. I think I would be a fool not to take it.
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