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Dear OMSers,

I am currently reassessing diet, and have a question you may be able to help with. Considering proteins are digested into amino acids before absorption, how is it dietary proteins (e.g. butyrophilin, bovine serum albumin) can be involved in molecular mimicry (assuming leaky gut is not present)? I also wondered if anyone is using proteolytic enzymes to combat the absorption of whole proteins?

My head is swimming with emerging dietary research/approaches to combat MS. Any insight greatly appreciated!

Leaky gut is for me a given route.
I'm very uneasy of any dietary research that supports the continuation of consuming dairy and meat.
Thanks for your post, veg! I hope you are doing well on OMS :-)

FWIW OMS has been my alignment for 7 years. I am still open to evidence-based research (we don't have all the answers yet!), including emerging studies looking at ketogenic diets to treat MS. Obviously this is very difficult on a vegan diet.

Very simplistically, it appears to me the vegan approach says "don't eat the proteins", while the "paleo" approach says heal the gut by avoiding grains/legumes/dairy and the proteins won't be a problem. Nutritionally, I have issues with both approaches - that's for a whole other thread! But I wonder if the pathogenesis of MS is different in different people, based on their enzyme profile and individual biochemistry (e.g. I can't tolerate fermented foods (tyramine triggers migraines), and grains (especially wheat) and legumes give me horrific reflux).

Anyone else? The gut is lined with immune cells, so I'm wondering whether an immune response could occur even before absorption?

Cheers, K
I consider the paelo diet bad for the human body regardless of MS. Hunting gathering has morphed into fitting the meat industries agenda.
I haven't had a migraine since I gave up dairy.
Not really debating paleo versus vegan here, as I mentioned before I have issues with both. Just trying to get some insight into the mechanism for molecular mimicry...? For something as important as this, there not only has to be evidence, but also logic. A person following dietary restriction can't do it blindly, there has to be conviction.

Out of interest were your migraines classic with aura? I am not taking dairy myself, but am intolerant to glutamate (e.g. MSG) and amines. There are other triggers also, but these are the big dietary ones - I therefore try to keep food as "fresh" as possible.

Started with visual disturbance then get about an hour or so to get home to lie down and deal with the head pain that then came. It is bliss not having one since and I used to get them often enough to be anoying.
I do not cosnider diet restrictive we have become so used to so much pushed at us from the food industry we have lost sight of what we need or rather how much we don't need.
Totally! TBH I didn't eat crap before anyway, it's actually liberating to skip over 9 out of 10 aisles at the shops...
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