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Great idea - one to add to my list :)

Yes, wanting to eat out has taken a dive in my list of things I enjoy, lol! But agree with others, if you can ring in advance, go to moderately to high priced places or Japanese. One chef told me (when I was thanking him for the fabulous job he did of taking care of my needs - was best meal out I have had since on OMS) that I "should walk out of any place that made a fuss, it is really not that hard"......Must remember the name of the place, it was in Taupo. I have found in NZ, so far, they have all been very accommodating. It is hard when you can't ring in advance however, as I don't like making a fuss and totally agree with not enjoying being the 'difficult' person who dictates a bit where to eat..... Lucky I have very supportive people around me. If I have to suck up having some refined oil on the odd occasion :o I don't freak out about it, I am so dedicated elsewhere with the diet that I figure once every two months or so this breach is not the end of the world. Doing well so seems to work, touch wood!

Eating a bit before you go and carrying a few things is great advice. I do this, but am going to be much more adventurous with what I take after reading some of the posts here! :)
My husband and I just returned from a 2 week road trip. Michigan, New Orleans, Tennessee and New York. And, I'm here to say that with a bit of planning, it can be done. We ate out everyday. We also made sure we always had a fridge in our room. We always had berries and water in the cooler, along with a big bag of nuts and dates. I carried two little bottles in my purse, one with olive oil and one with balsamic vinegar. I explained that I had dietary restrictions. Most restaurants were accommodating. I ordered my fish grilled, my veggies steamed and my salads without dressing. You have to be patient and specific in ordering. RestaurNts don't understand what an ms diet is. I found I had greater success when I told them I had food allergies.
I made it through 2 weeks of eating out, and I didn't starve! Lol
Hope this helps someone.
Good nutrition and success to all:)
I think I will be learning how to pack a little eating out food kit. Great suggestions here. Sometimes I find that if I order some vegan sides, I actually get smaller portions. Must think I don't eat much if I don't eat meat. Then I'm still hungry after a meal.

I did eat out today. Had a baked potato and grilled veggies with no butter or oil. I did learn recently that some restaurants will coat their baked potatoes in oil ( in this case at Ruby Tuesday's it was soybean oil) before baking. Must ask questions but as Piaffe said, I don't freak out if I think there is something on the edge of OMS.
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