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think I indadvertenly ate butter in a sandwich today. asked for a sandwich with no dressing and near the end realised they had butter in it. was tired and very upset.....felt so guilty too and extremely angry. it can be so hard to follow this diet 100%
My first exposure to the idea that diet could make any difference to MS was when a friend told me of a Copenhagen GP who, having lost the use of her right arm due to MS, had adopted the Swank diet and regained full use of her arm. The lady in question apparently allows herself completely free rein at Copenhagen’s foremost patisserie – renowned for their extraordinary cream concoctions - one day of the year. And remains free of MS symptoms despite this annual indulgence!

If you adhere to the principles of the super-healthy OMS lifestyle the vast majority of the time, all the good work you have done for your body is surely not going to be dissipated by one smear of butter in a sandwich? In the recent ‘eating out’ discussion a forum member mentioned what sounded like a sound strategy, namely to be extra strict on saturated fat at home on the days before and/or after eating out?

I definitely don’t think you should be too hard on yourself about the dairy mishap. Stress is very bad for MS!
The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
I agree. While we should all aim for 100% compliance and not get casual about its importance, we live in the real world and will make mistakes, unintentionally, or perhaps once in a while because we've just fallen off the wagon. There are many studies pointing to the benefits of the OMS diet for those with MS, but as far as I can determine, there is nothing supporting the idea that a rare slip-up will ruin all the health benefits achieved prior. Metabolically, it just doesn't make any sense.

Does anyone have any data that quantifies non-compliance? Swank noted that there was a correlation between non-compliance and faring more poorly. Does anyone know if he quantified non-compliance? Could it mean eating steak once a week for years? A daily hot fudge sundae? Not consuming sufficient fish? I can't imagine that unintentionally consuming some butter one day is going to upset the metabolic apple cart!
Obviously in terms of fat one little bit of butter is no issue.

My understanding is that in order to have an issue in terms of the casein provoking an autoimmune reaction, it has to make it through the gut lining (so if you have a healthy gut you should be good) and then through the blood/brain barrier. You should be fine (surely the fact that it's a small amount makes a difference too).

I think stress is such a major factor that there is a lot to be said for not sweating the small stuff when it comes to accidental diet slip ups. Being calm about it is the best thing we can do for our health :)
This was not an intentional slip please don't stress. Look forward and you'll know next time to ask for no dressing and no butter/margarine.
We all have food mishaps from time to time. The thing to remember is, it won't kill you! (unless you are severely allergic to something :shock: ) I doubt that a small amount of butter in a sandwich is going to alter your OMS path too dramatically! I am always 100% OMS at home, so if I do inadvertently eat something I shouldn't whilst I am out, I don't feel too worried about it.

As Veg says, this was not intentional, so don't allow yourself to dwell on it and get upset.

Thanks for the replies. I know that I tend to get emotional when tired over little things. Its great to hear about that woman in Copenhagen even though I won't be following her example. It can be feel like an uphill struggle sometimes with the diet. I will have an even greater challenge when going away on hols next month but I am going to try and be prepared in advance as much as possible. thanks again for a bit of perspective
Hi Christine

If you let the forum know where you are going on holiday, I am sure people could advise you of where to eat. There are people from all over the world on the forum, or people may have experience of holidaying in the same location.

Thanks Rachel but I will be going on a meditation retreat for 10 days which serves vegan/vegetarian food but I will need to communicate that i am avoiding fried foods or foods with coconut. Coconut oil seems to be very popular in a lot of places. Will just need to send a specific email
As Veg says, this was not intentional, so don't allow yourself to dwell on it and get upset.

I couldn't agree more. I'm scared I've squandered the best years of my health. I indulged in years and years of destructive behaviour, despite knowing I had MS and knowing about OMS diet and protocol, I just ignored MS, even when things weren't good. I escaped with junk food, excessive exercise, and alcohol.

Its the wanten, deliberate, destruction you should berate yourself over. It causes physical and mental stress.

If you had a bit of butter, and it was an accident, then laugh it off, chalk it up as a learning curve... a good thing. I wish I'd only had accidental off-the-wagon moments in the last 10 years, because its the deliberate ones that hurt.

I genuinely believe the stress and self-hate that follows deliberate actions cause more physical / MS flare-ups that the actual slip-up. I have immense difficulty being very overly very hard on myself (bad combination).

Seriously, sounds like you're doing well.
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