Hi all

I meant to post this a few weeks ago. I had posted about being medically pointed to oms. This is only something I had thought about lately. The reason I wanted to post again is at the time a lot of people said that I was very lucky with my neurologist. I feel the need to make it clear that apart from first neurologist giving me a prescription for vitamin d it was not neurologist I was actually talking about and I should have made that clear. It is actually the nurses who are pointing to programme without actually naming the programme. The first neurologist I went to is regarded as a specialist but I found his bedside manner appalling! The second neurologist I went to and the one I am still with, is a lovely man, but so stretched you only get to see him for a short while. It was the ms nurse who came around to me in hospital and talked about saturated fat and stress. The other nurse to talk to me about things very specific to the programme is the nurse from the company that provide the medication I am on. When I talked to her about the programme she told me that at a seminar she was at a lot of emphasis was put on saturated fat ( I posted about this chat a few months ago)
One thing I know is the ms nurse would not have put as much emphasis on dietary change if this was not the norm she was charged with passing on. I do feel the message is now out there and letting the ms nurse be the one to pass it on does not leave it out there as actual medical advice (because it has not actually come from a doctor). This attitude drives me crazy! The one thing I can pass on with certainty is this came across as real advice. Why else come around someone's hospital bed just to deliver that message?