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So since Dr Jelinek is from Australia, I'm thinking a lot of people on this forum may be from around there and could give me some pointers!

My wife and I are planning a trip to celebrate our 15-year anniversary, and were thinking about the South Pacific... primarily Australia or New Zealand

Obviously my MS is a major restriction regarding where we go; since I have to think about:

1- Weather, because heat really kills me
2- Mobility, since I can´t walk long distances-- every after walking for 10 minutes I have to rest for about 20 while my legs regain strength
3- Diet, to stay 100% compliant with the OMS Diet

So that´s why we´re thinking the Sout Pacific in July, when I understand it´s nice and cold? But I really don't know if there's a place in Australia or in New Zealand where we could have good fun without necessarily having to walk much? And of course keeping in mind I need restaurants or cafes where we can eat!

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!!
Hi Bob,
Since no-one has responded I will try. If weather is a main consideration then I would recommend the Bureau of Meteorology site http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/?ref=hdr or the BOM site as we call it (just don't use that acronym on a plane!). Australia is a big country with diverse weather so there are some places that still reach high temperatures in winter. This site looks at current, past and future weather patterns so would give you a good guide.

Regarding getting around, it depends on whether you're in the city or in the country. Australia has a love affair with the car so if you intend driving whilst in Australia then you can go virtually anywhere (as long as you drive on the left!)

Hi Bob, plenty of places in Australia would be suitable. Maybe tell us what you enjoy doing. Anything or any place you want to see? Weather wise this time of the year the southern parts of Australia will be cold (cold to us that is) whereas the northern parts will be warmer. The tropics are beautiful this time of the year, warm without being hot and humid. Think Queensland, Darwin, northern parts of WA. Plenty to see and do just depends on what you like. A car helps, you could hire one. Public transport is average but will get you around. Maybe a guided holiday?

Oh and Happy Anniversary to you both.
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