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I was wondering how Jelinek feels about food additives? And how do you feel? There is nothing about it in either the book or the website.

To me it is quite obvious. The diet part of OMS is about wholefood, natural, unprocessed food. At least as much as possible. Eating food that contains (a lot of) chemicals, preservatives, colorings, stabilisers and so on therefore doesn't fit in the OMS diet. It should be based on healthy living, which includes eating as natural food as possible. Personally I try to avoid additives altogether. Especially since there are often alternatives available without (or less) additives to be known as bad ones.

I am on a Dutch OMS Facebookpage and there is some debate there about food additives. I realise additives in Australia or anywhere else might be different from the European additives, but I assume there are good and (extremely) bad additives anywhere. Like MSG or aspartame. They just have different names and numbers..

Some say that since Jelinek does not specifically say that food additives are to be avoided, thus they are okay to eat. To me that doesn't make sense, and I do not believe that is what Jelinek feels.

I guess some additives in food on occasion (e.g. snacks, sauces) should be fine, but in general it is best to avoid them, right? I am looking for information that underlines my thought that additives are best to be avoided as much as possible being on OMS, if there is any...

Thanx ;)

You are 100% correct when you say that "The diet part of OMS is about wholefood, natural, unprocessed food." It therefore goes without saying that additives etc should be avoided as far as possible. If you are eating a wholefood, plant-based diet, then there should be no need to eat additives. Additives are things that are 'added' to processed food, in which case the food is no longer a wholefood, natural or unprocessed. It therefore follows that Prof. Jelinek probably hasn't felt the need to underline the fact that additives are to be avoided.

The guidelines are to help empower us to make informed decisions. OMS is not about an exhaustive list of what can and can't eat, if we need to ask about additives we've missed the point about wholefood, natural unprocessed food as far as possible. However I think some additives are far worse than others so if I had reduced ability impairment to cook for myself then I would be an avid label reader. Thankfully now most online retailers include all ingredients so even if I couldn't get to the shop I could still read before buying.
I love gherkins but make a point of buying them only in vinegar I avoid any with preservative additives.
There are so many online recipes now using wholefood, natural unprocessed that it is far easier than even a few years ago to cook this way.
Thank you Rachel and Veg for your response, i could not agree more with you :)
And George seems to agree as well, this is what he has let me know through email (i wrote practically the same to him as I did here):

Of course, with a plant-based wholefood diet I basically assume people cut out as much refined food as possible, and therefore all the chemicals that come with it.

Although for me it confirms what I believed I asked him if he could be a little bit more specific (elaborate) and preferably reply here on this post so it will be there for anyone to read! I understand he is a busy man and receives a lot of questions, but I hope he will!
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